Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th December 2020 Written Update: Guddan celebrates the birthday of Agastya

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26h December 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Guddan promises to Pushpa that she will make Agastya a perfect husband material for her daughter. One such husband whom every mother wishes for her daughter. Agastya waking up to find Guddan is not there with him on the bed and he gets worried for her and immediately he goes to look for her here and there but he doesn’t find her anywhere in the house and he gets worried for her and calls her name in the entire house and asks all about her and no one has any clue while he asks even his mother about Guddan.

Pushpa says she has no idea about her this time and genuinely she has done nothing with her. Agastya goes out of the house and directly lands up at the house of his mother-in-law Guddan house to look for his wife. Guddan gets angry and says even for one full day you couldn’t take care of my daughter Choti properly and she goes missing in one day itself. He says to her I am capable of taking care of her and he says I looked everywhere but wasn’t able to find her anywhere.

Both of them are able to conclude that possibly she could be at the kitchen but Agastya says he even called her many times but she doesn’t pick up his calls either. After sometime, Choti herself calls Agastya and asks him to come home and she says I am feeling like eating something and that is why I came to the kitchen to make something. Agastya takes blessings from his mother-in-law and comes back and says give me blessing so that I can stand up to your expectations. He says please don’t get jealous that your daughter chose me over you.

Mani and Aarav are smiling to see the cute bickering between a son-inlaw and a mother-in-law regarding a common person whom they loved the most in this entire world. Once Agastya left Guddan asks Aarav why are you laughing and he says I am not laughing at you but only trying to understand what you two are actually doing.

Agastya and Mani reached home and Choti asked what was the need to go to my maternal house when Agastya said I called but it was unreachable and I got scared and thought u can visit your mother so went there to check on you. Choti says ok lets forget all these and now go and change yourself and then there is a surprise for you . Agastya goes and comes back getting ready and Guddan closes his eyes and takes him to the centre of the hall and says now I am going to open your eyes and she moves her hand from his eyes.

Agastya is surprised to see a very cute and sweet decoration done by Choti for his birthday celebration and he says I almost forgot about my birthday and Choti says nothing to worry because I clearly remembered that it is your birthday and we are supposed to enjoy it together. She says to him that I made a birthday cake just for you so that you can have it and enjoy it too. They spent some romantic moments together and Niya comes there with a black forest cake for Agastya but he refuses to cut it and asks her to leave his house as a part of his birthday gift from her side.

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