Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th February 2020 Written Update: Mrs. Jindal’s drama.

Episode starts with. The director tells Mr. Jindal. this is just a game of emotions, so you just  focus on the emotions and I will handle everything else. Director said to Mr Jindal you can read the script. When you doing drama. But Guddan said to  director. why he  will act by reading the script. He should remember the script. Director says, its okay. He is new in acting.

After this. Both start acting. Their drama lines seems to same as their life. Meanwhile when AJ is doing acting. He become very emotional and he hugged Guddan. There. Dugra said to Mrs  jindal our plan is working. After some moments AJ realise that. There is something wrong about this drama line. He becomes angry and he shoutedat director. And asks him, you have written these line. How dare you. AJ wants to beat him. But  Mrs jindal came and said, I changed these lines.

AJ asks Mrs  jindal. Mother why are you doing this darma. Mrs Jindal said,The way stories build up our lives is in the same way we can use these stories to improve our lives. And that’s  why I drew this drama. And asks AJ to give Guddan one more chance to prove her innocence. But  Guddan says. You don’t need to do this. I m not  here to prove myself.And i made a mistake that I m here.

Meanwhile AJ grab Guddan’s hand and took her to the hospital. He asks Doctor. Can check her and tell me did she ever get pregnant. Doctor yes I will tell you after some tests. Guddan said I don’t want to. AJ said . Why are you afraid that your truth will come out after tests . Guddan said, fine then  I will go for tests and prove you wrong.

Afterwards Saraswati said to Antra. Do something, otherwise police will  arrest you. Antra asks her to leave. And she thinks about her next plan. Meanwhile Guddan is dreaming that. AJ is came with reports and apologies to her. She forgive him and wants to leave from his house. While AJ asks her to not to go. When Guddan rejected his request. He shoot him self. And Guddan starts screaming in her dream. AJ is behinds her. He asks what happened to you. Guddan asks AJ where  is the reports. AJ said. Reports and your turth will come soon. Don’t worry. And he went away.

Episode ends with. Interviewer takes interview of Guddan and her father. He appreciate Guddan for her acting. Guddan said thanks to him.