Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th January 2021 Written Update: Guddan says thank you to Lord Krishna for everything!

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pushpa saying there’s no one like Badi Guddan. She says she deserves to get punished. She’ll accept everything so that Badi Guddan gives her respect. Then only she will be able to talk to them. Badi Guddan says I hope we’ll meet soon. Pushpa says I’ll always be grateful that I got such perfect daughter in law. Agastya says proud of you mother. Shona says I will miss you. I too want to go with you.

Pushpa says you have surrendered yourself already. Now its my turn. Please take care of my daughter in law. She says to Arushi that if her marriage date gets fixed then send me the invitation card. I may not come but my blessings are always with you. She says to Arav that please take care of my daughter. She says good bye to everybody. Rashi says please return as soon as possible. Pushpa says I will be back soon. Shona doubts if the police are fake or real. It can be Pushpa’s new plan. Inspects tells then come with us you’ll understand we are real or fake. Everyone laughs. Nia says I have tried my level best to separate Agastya and Guddan but I didn’t succeed. That was my stubbornness. Not love that’s why I didn’t get Agastya. She wishes that Agastya and Guddan stay together always.

Badi Guddan says this is not the ending but this is the start and we should take blessings from Lord Krishna. Choti was about the fall with the aarti thali but Agastya holds her and says I knew that it is not your cup of tea. Choti and Badi Guddan tell him to not say this again that they can’t do anything. Agastya says sorry to both of them. He says he will not repeat it again. Choti says I have changed myself. I am not old Guddan. I can do everything now.

Mahi enters and says hello to everyone. Choti gets happy. Mahi places the staff which Badi Guddan ordered. Choti says Mahi handles her father’s business and taxi services as well. She is all rounder. Choti asks from where did Mahi get the idea of starting All Female Taxi Services. Mahi says it was my hobby and then to I turned it into my job. I enjoy driving taxi.

Shona says you are intelligent. Please give some suggestions to my son as well. Mahi says what we love to do we find ways to do them anyhow. Choti says yes just like I feel good when people say I can do everything. Mahi says yes you have proved it as well. You maintained your father’s reputation.

Jogi enters and says there’s one more thing important than progress.Mahi says you were stalking me. Jogi says you were going before me then what’s my fault. Jogi says love and satisfaction are also important for life. Badi says you are right Jogi. Happiness is important to become rich. Agastya says he gets inspired by Jogi and he started finding happiness in little things. Choti says we love each other a lot but what abiut Mahi and Jogi. Mahi says we love to fight. This is the speciality of us. Choti says love and fight go hand in hand.

Shona says to her husband that you will follow what Jogi is saying. Jogi says to Mahi you will never understand. Badi says such little arguments are cute. Keep doing and stay happy always. They say good bye leave.

Choti continues the aarti with family. Choti says we are going but Lord Krishna has always been with me. She says thank you to Krishna for giving the beautiful story and giving the name of Guddan. She says its not easy to forget me, also never say Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.

Episode ends.