Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th October 2020 Written Update: Niya kidnaps Rashi

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Agastya feels tense why Rashi not woke up if Mom comes to know that Rashi is here from night it will create problem. Niya asks Agastya how I am looking and I got make up by most efficient and expensive make up artist of Indore only for you!

 Agastya says good, honestly I don’t care how you are looking or how much costly dress you wear, what I am expecting from you is only you to build a strong bond with Rashi and make her happy always and if she is happy remember I am happy that’s all. Niya asks why are saying like that? Agastya says then what should I say do you even ask at least about Rashi from the time you came here? Niya says in fact I am going to ask about my baby doll but in this all rituals I forgot to ask about Rashi.

Aarav is seen very angry for Pushpa behaviour with Guddan and show’s is angry on ball. Arushi comes there and says I know I’m very angry on Mom and Sona chachi, I know you are not wrong also but I am not like them trust me. Aarav says I know, Arushi tries to know about his friends and girl friend, Aarav says not not I have work let me go.

 Sona comes near Durga and tries to play her cards to impress Durga, but Durga I very well known about your character and about Birla’s too so don’t try to act smart in front of me and goes from there. Mani laughs seeing Sona expression, Sona beats Mani and says here our plan get flopped and you are laughing at me.

Pushpa comes in search of Sona upstairs and says this Sona goes missing when have work only and this pandit ji as not came till now, I should only manage everything. Choti Guddan see this and feels tense she might seen Rashi , Choti Guddan rans near Pushpa and asks Pushpa ji are searching for something?

Pushpa says I am searching for Sona but why are you feeling this tense. Choti Guddan says nothing just because of work, I will  search for Sona Ji you please go receive guests, Guddan thinks for now Rashi escaped but from how much time we can escape from Pushpa Ji, I have to do something before Pushpa finds Rashi is not present in the event.

Pushpa asks kethan about Mani and Sona, he says I don’t know bhabhi they might be here only some where.  Niya asks you are saying about our relationship ? Agastya says our relationship is joined  I already said you that I am accepting this relation only for Rashi. Niya thinks this Rashi is becoming hurdle between her and Agastya and says I have to do something of her (Rashi).

Choti Guddan says to Agastya we have to go near Rashi before anyone see her and both goes to Rashi room to woke her up and get ready her. Choti Guddan finds Rashi is missing from the room and feels tense where did Rashi went! ( Flashback is shown Niya listens to Choti Guddan and Agastya talks,  comes to Rashi room and kidnaps Rashi from there) Niya says this Rashi want to my engagement ceremony with Agastya right?

 Now she will know how dangerous I am and here my engagement will happen with Agastya and he don’t where is Rasht also. Now one can stop me and don’t find Rashi since I broken lock of the door where Rashi is kept. Choti Guddan and Agastya searches for Rashi, Niya comes there and says you people are tense? Are you searching for something? Agastya says nothing everything is alright. Niya says ok but come down soon all are waiting for you.

Pushpa asks Niya where is Agastya? Niya says he went for Fresh up. Kethan comes near Pushpa and says bhabhi pandit ji as came , Pushpa says thank god you came Pandit now start the rituals soon and Pandit Ji auspicious time for engagement is how many minutes? Pandit ji says it’s for 18 minutes and if in this 18 minutes engagement ceremony not taken place means then your son can never engage this girl Niya.

 Pushpa says nothing go to happen pandit ji and this engagement ceremony is going to happen and that is for Agastya and Niya only you start the process fast. Pandit ji says you just send engagement ring I will start the process. Pushpa searches for Rings and scolds Guddan that she can’t even handle a single work properly, Sona says plate is here only jiji I will bring but Sona falls down while taking the plate near Pushpa and Rings gone missing as they are fallen down.

Pushpa scolds Sona for her mistake and you are becoming like Guddan day by day by supporting her always and says to search rings as soon as possible. Sona searches Rings and gives to Pushpa . Pushpa gives rings to Pandit Ji and says to start Pooja. Choti Guddan and Agastya searches for Rashi but they can’t find her anywhere! Episode ends on tense of Choti Guddan and Agastya.

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