Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th September 2019 Written Update: Antra’s deadly move against Guddan shocks AJ!

Today’s episode starts with Dadi and other’s worrying for Guddan. Lady comes and asks for Guddan. Durga tells to Dadi not to worry as AJ and Guddan will come back soon.

AJ prays to God to return Guddan back to him. Antra and his men see Police and AJ and look for a plan to protect Guddan from their eye and take her away.

Antra further sees the crowd and hides Guddan and herself and takes smartly swipes Guddan away. AJ asks the inspector to ask his men’s to be alert as he can sense Guddan is close to him. He further sees Guddan’s bracelet and recalls the past. Inspector tells AJ that this road goes to Indore’s big Dussehra celebration ground. AJ says they will find Guddan there only.

Otherside, everyone enjoys the drama at the fair. AJ looks for Guddan in the crowd. Durga feels the pain and goes to check her. He further, tells to his mother, Laxmi, and Durga that Guddan is somewhere here only. They all decide to search for Guddan. Meanwhile, Antra hides with Guddan seeing AJ. Guddan slowly gains consciousness and whispers AJ’s name. AJ feels Guddan presence and gets restless. Antra beats Guddan on the head and she faints again. AJ asks the inspector to search Guddan as he is sure she is here and have heard her voice.

There, Antra ties Guddan behind the effigy of Ravana and challenges Guddan that none will come for her rescue. Guddan says to Antra that she is God’s devotee and have a faith that God will save her. Antra ask Guddan to come out from illusion as AJ who has killed her why he will come for her rescue. Guddan says he will definitely come to save her as she knows well that night he shot her because he was under some pressure. There, AJ tells to his mother, Guddan is not seen anywhere. Here, Perv all set to burn the effigy of Ravana. Antra gets happy thinking now she’ll get rid of Guddan. (Episode Ends)