Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th December 2019 Written Update: Antra stabs Vikrant|Revti gets to know the truth of Angad’s death

Episode begins with Antara says I am not back here with any bad intention and currently I have no evidence for my innocence. Then she says no I have proof actually and says if I have any ulterior motive why I will I kill Vikrant? Why will I have to take someone else murder charges on myself. She is speaking when police comes there and asks his men to take the body of Vikrant for post mortem and asks Antara I will not ask now how did you survive? All I want to know is did you killed Vikrant and asks her lady constable to arrest Antara.

Alisha requests AJ and Guddan to stop the policemen but then the police is taking her away when Guddan asks the policeman to leave Antara. She says silence doesn’t always mean yes, it can be no too. Whatever Antara did currently is simply because of saving me, she has no other motive currently and she has to shoot Vikrant just to save me or else my dead body will be left here. Inspector says for further enquiry you have to be in touch with us.

Antara is about to go from there and Alisha requests all of them to stop Antara as she missed her for long years. Guddan comes forward and says Antara can stay in my house for two complete days. She asks Antara I am doing all these for my daughter Alisha and for her happiness and you have to promise me that after two days you will leave the house without any conspiracies and any dramas. After two days without making any noise and any chaos you will go away from our house and will not come back in the house ever again.

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Alisha becomes happy and says to Guddan that she is the best mom in the world. AJ says I am also ready to give you permission to stay in the Jindal Bhawan for 2 days for the sake of our daughter Alisha but before that I have a condition before you.

AJ comes home with Antara and calls Revti and says you always used to blame Guddan for a crime which she never committed. Today I want to clear your doubt, he asks Antara to spill out the truth to Revti and Antara says not Guddan but it was me who tried to kill Angad in fact Guddan tried to save him but it was my men who killed him so that he won’t be able to reach home at all.

Revti gets angry and goes in the room and Guddan follows her. She says to Revti some realities causes heartbreaks as well. I can never ever thought of hurting you ever in my life. Revti says whatever Antara did is due to the enmity of her with you and AJ. hence I won’t be able to forgive you ever in my life. Later Antara says to Guddan Revti framed you as a murderer in my case. Guddan gets shocked and asks Antara to make Alisha understand that she can’t stay with them in this house.