Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th February 2020 Written Update: Guddan leaves from AJ’s house.

Episode starts with. Antra asks about reports from doctor. Doctor says you don’t worry. I’ll  sent  you reports by 5:00.Antara  says no need to send.You can give it to me. Doctor says to Antra, Mr jindal said to me in clear words that. I can’t give report to  anyone. Antra tries to lure some money to the doctor and says,don’t worry about AJ. You have done a lot. Now think about yourself and give me the reports. Same time Mr Jindal come on there and he put handcuffed inside Antra’s hands and say to her, now I don’t want to put any doubts  inside my mind so today you will roam with me all day so I have no misunderstanding in my mind.

There, All housemates  wait for AJ  and reports. LaterAJ  come home.Mrs jindalask him what about reports.While is AJ is came to Guddan and said,  we separated from each other 4 years ago was very nice for both of us.Because we both don’t deserve each others at all. Same time Mrs jindal asks AJ, what are you  saying.  You show me the report.I want to see. What  came in this.But AJ burn  those reports.

Gudden says to akshat that first you forced me for  these tests and now you burned them. How long will you continue to take away  my rights to me. Antara says Guddan what right you have in here. Akshat said, shuts up Antra. And says no one will talk here about these reports now.And iwarn  all of you, no one will  spoke about report. And he went from there.

Afterwards Antra comes  to Saraswati and said, thankyouto Saraswati, as she thinks Saraswatihelp her. Meantime  Guddan would have been asking to god that you gave me so much in my   life. Butyou just couldn’t give me Mr Jindal’s faith.At the same time akshat ‘s mother came to Guddan and says, “god will help you and AJto meet one day,” but Guddan says she doesn’ t expect this thing again, and wants to leave this house. Akshat also comes  and says she can do as she wants to do, but at the same time Akshat ‘s mother,lakshmi and durga prevent her from going from their house.

Durga and Laxmi says to AJ she will not let Guddan go anywhere, then AJ  tells them, that I will leave from here if Guddan doesn’tgo from here. Gudaan says,mister jindal you don’t need to go anywhere from here. I myself want to leave this house and she says tolaxmi and durga you  don’t  do that  and let me go. Then Mr Jindal thinks that what I have done today is very ok for you. In these 4 years this is my first decision which I have taken right.  So its good for you to  leave from you. (Episode end)