Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th November 2020 Written Update: Guddan enter into Jindhal Bhavan as kali

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Guddan fearing Pushpa, in fear Pushpa create havoc in the house. Niya tries to make Pushpa understand there is no devil or anything in the house, suddenly lights go off and Pusha gets fear and shouts. Niya says Choti Guddan you can fear them but not me, I will see your end, takes knife from fruit basket and moves to attack Choti but gets terrified by seeing Choti Guddan and Guddan at a same time in same place. Choti Guddan starts crawling the wall with the help of Guddan and all get’s fear by seeing her crawling the wall like a lizard and rans from there to escape.

Pushpa and Gang rans to entrance to escape from the house, Guddan comes there in old woman Avatar and introduce herself as kali and I came here to protect you all protect from devil that present in this house. Saru Maa gets doubt on her and enquiries kali how do you know devil is present in this house?

Sona says shut up to Saru Maa and welcomes kali you have came to correct place only this is full of devil’s only please come with me I will show you this house. At same time Agastya asks Pushpa who is this aunty to kali! Pushpa says she is care taker of Choti Guddan.

Agastya says thanks Mom you are taking care of my Choti Guddan like your own daughter, Pushpa says you don’t worry about Choti Guddan my dear we are there for her. Guddan thinks this Pushpa is best actor than me she should be in films but don’t worry now I returned back to show them full movie in my own way and smirks.

Agastya asks where is Choti to Pushpa that I brought prasad to my Choti I want to present her, Guddan ( Kali) stops him and says give it me I will give her, Choti is pregnant you can’t meet her directly with out fresh up its not good for choti Guddan and unborn baby. Agastya says you are right and moves from there to fresh up. Kali informs Pushpa and Gang tomorrow morning at four pooja will be there to throw devil out of this house and gives them a list of items and asks them to get it for pooja.

Guddan goes to Choti Guddan room and gives prasad to Choti and says this is brought by Agastya to you with love, and do you know by this act of Agastya I remembered your Dad and remiscience her memories with Mr Jindhal and becomes emotional, Choti Guddan pacify Guddan. Guddan says Agastya is same like your dad Choti whatever may happen in future he will not leave your hand my dear.

Pushpa and Gang starts arguing with each other that who should be bring all these items that too in early morning four. Pushpa order Sona to bring all the items, Niya questions but Mom once this pooja performed everything will become fine right Mom? Sona and Saru taunts Niya now what happened to your modern thinking you preached there is no devil and all but now what happened to you know, Niya compliment to Pushpa see Mom what they are saying.

On the other side Agastya proposes Choti Guddan by presenting White rose bouquet on his knees in a romantic way. Choti Guddan gets surprised by his actions and questions him why he is doing all this? Agastya says you deserve all this my dear. Choti Guddan feels tense because of Guddan presence and Agastya doing all lovely movements in front of her mother.

Agastya says don’t concentrate on that care taker you just concentrate on my dear and both share lovely moment.

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