Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th October 2020 Written Update: Agastya and Choti Guddan gets Engaged in a Dramatic way

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Choti Guddan and Agastya searching for Rashi everywhere in the house. Mani comes there and says you both are here,all are searching for you both down. Agastya asks did Mom said anything? Only fifteen minutes there for auspicious time and asks Agastya to go down.

 Mani says if you need any I am here to help you, Agastya says only you can help us now! Mani says Guddan ji say how can I help you? Agastya says you have to act like me sometime! Mani asks some time means how much time brother? Agastya says till we search where is Rashi?

Mani says Rashi what happened to her now? Agastya says we don’t have time to explain you everything, come act as me. Mani denies to do, Guddan request Mani to do for her sake. Pushpa scolds Agastya where he went in his own engagement ceremony and asks everyone to tell her where is Agastya.

 Niya thinks no one say where is Agastya because if anyone open there mouth means Rashi truth will comes out and No one can find Rashi because I kept her in such  a place that no one can find out where is she. Niya comes to Pushpa and sheds crocodile tears and ask Mom whether my engagement will not happen since Agastya is not found anywhere.

Pushpa assures her no nothing will happen like that and this engagement will happen under any circumstances. Durga also feels tense as she can’t find Choti Guddan anywhere, Sona says don’t worry she might be busy with work somewhere here only and Mani went in search of her so you don’t worry.

Mani changes into Agastya dress and sits in a room. Pushpa comes there and says him to come out as soon as possible or else I don’t know what I will do. Mani thinks because this Choti Guddan what all I need to do to impress her. Agastya and Choti Guddan argues with each other while searching and by mistake Guddan pulls Agastya and both falls down .

Romantic Music plays in background). Guddan sees Rashi bracelet out side the room and thinks Rashi is inside the room and sees room is locked, Agastya breaks the door and find Rashi fine. Agastya asks what are you doing here?

Rashi says I am in Choti Guddan room right! What I am doing here? Choti Guddan says leave all this and get ready all are waiting for engagement. Rashi locks the door by mistake before leaving the room.

Puspha comes to Mani room and sees his face is covered with bandage. Pushpa asks Chikoo what you have done to your face. Mani says Mom by mistake I applied expired face pack on my face and it got allergy all over the face. Pushpa scolds him for doing stupid things and asks now you will sit like this in your own engagement idiot, only five minutes there to engagement now come with.

 Agastya says Guddan why you are doing all this to impress me? Guddan says I am not interested in you and both starts arguing with each other. Guddan says Stop all this and try to open the door. Agastya tries to open the door.

Pushpa brings Mani down forcefully and says to adore Ring to Niya before auspicious time complete. Mani thinks where are you brother please come fast and help me. Pushpa gets doubt on Mani open his bandage all sees Mani and gets shocked.

Pushpa shouts Agastya in anger, Guddan listens to it and tries to open the door and gets injured on ring finger of left hand. Agastya sees this and ties a cloth to her ring finger ( devotional chants plays in background) and in a way both gets engaged ina dramatic way in auspicious time.

Pandit ji declare now Agastya and Niya can’t engagement as auspicious time completed. Rashi opens the lock from outside and from back Pushpa comes and scolds Agastya I have not expected this from you.

 Agastya tries to explain Pushpa but Pushpa Birla not listen to him. Pushpa says now l will give punishment to this Guddan but before that I want give you one chance to explore your self, why you locked with Agastya in that room? Guddan says I have not done anything but Pushpa not listen to her.

Agastya says Mom Guddan saying correct she not anything wrong. Pushpa says ok then who did mistake? You or someone! Answer me dam it. Rashi catches her ears and says sorry dadi mom mistake is mine not Choti Guddan or Agastya mistake in it they were searching for me and by mistake I locked the door from outside.

Pushpa says you did everything by knowing everything only and tries to slap Rashi but Choti Guddan comes in between. Aarav sees this and gets angry and raise chair to beat Pushpa Birla, Guddan stop’s him.

Pushpa scolds Mani and now I will decide what will happen to your dream to full fill your dad wish and says I am taking this restaurant from you and from now you are nothing Choti Guddan. Episode ends on crying face of Choti Guddan.

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