Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th December 2019 Written Update: Antara reveals her real intentions to Alisha

Episode begins with Antara is going to her room when Parav and Saraswati comes to her and says that they are with her in any state and without any condition and they want her to to make the life of AJ and Guddan hell. Antara says that what you people are doing in front of me and she asked him to get up. Saraswati says I know that whatever you are saying in the hall in front of everybody that you have changed now and you have nothing to do with the life of guddan and AJ anymore was all false. Honestly we have no issues with conspiracy is and games against them. All I need to tell you is, we are with you in this and our support will be on your side. Antara finds it meaningless to give them any sort of explanation and she asked them to go away from there after teaching Saraswati a lesson and close the door of her room.

Lakshmi watches the entire scenario from the corner and she reported about it in brief to Durga and grandmother. Durga says whatever is days we cannot rely on her under any circumstances. Guddan comes to AJ with medicines and first aid. AJ says that he doesn’t want to take any medicine right now. Guddan says to him that he can’t do this and he has to take medicines so that he can get well soon. AJ keeps on declining but Guddan somehow made him eat the tablets. AJ asks Guddan what is the need of her to behave so normal in front of him when he knows very well that the situations around them is not at all normal.

Guddan says currently my priority is Alisha and her happiness and we allowed Antara in the house just because of her. However I am not going to believe in any statement of Antara specially after what she has done in the past I have no intention to believe in her words all over again. AJ says that today I got scared for real in the temple and hugs her. Guddan says I don’t need to get scared of anybody because I know you and the entire family is always there in support of me. Antara can do anything in her power but she will never be able to distanced me from you.
In the night, Alisha comes in the room of Antara and says you didn’t come to my room so I have come here to sleep with you. I missed you so much in all these years and I have so much to talk and share with you.

Antara mix faces and keeps her hand away from her and closes the door. She slaps Alisha hard on her face and say do not there to call me your mother from next time. Do I look like a mother and I just don’t like this name, it irritates me so much. She shared with Alisha that she is basically an orphan whom she raised up to use as a pawn against AJ.

Alisha gets shocked and starts to cry when Antara says do not cry in front of me I just don’t like this kind of thing and if you ask her to arrange a way out for her so that she can stay in this house permanently. a heartbroken Alisha deleted all the pictures she has in her phone of Antara and decide to have a talk with Guddan.

Before she can talk to her Antara comes there and takes away from Guddan. She made Alisha stand below the shower in cold water and says this is my last warning to you if you try to be over smart with me then I will not even think once before punishing you more ruthlessly. Alisha get scared and agrees to do what she is asking for.