Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th February 2020 Written Update: Police arrest Antra

Episode starts withSomeone call Guddan for reshoot some scenes.Revati asks Guddanwhat happens. Guddan says; i have to leave .Revati asks her,but why. Guddansaid to her. I have to reshootsome scenes. So i have to go for shooting set. And she went from there. Here Antra and Saraswati feels happy as Guddanwent from Jindal’s house. But Antra have planing in her mind for Guddan.

Here, Guddan is getting ready for her scenes. Meantime a boy came and said, director want to meet you for some rehearsal. She says; okay am coming. There, Antra cuts ropes as she wants to harmGuddan. But Guddan saw everything. She went to Antra and put rope on her neck and asks her.

When will you stop doing all of this. Today i will kill you with this rope. Antra apologies to Guddan. And says; please leave me. I made a mistake forgive me. I will never do this again. Guddan leave her and says,i am not like you. I know you changed those reports of mine. But don’t worry. On day Mr jindal will make you regret for this.

Meanwhile, AJ sent text to Antra. And called her to come to the hotel at 10 p.m. Antra said to Guddan. Can you see your Mr jindal wants to forget about you. And she went from there.

Ahed, Antra enters at hotel room. And AJ pushed her. Antra says; i know you are in hurry but don’t do this. AJ says, yes i am in hurry but not for you. I am here for turthso tell me the turth. Antra said. What are you talking about. AJ tells her don’t waist my time. You know very well what i am talking about. And if you don’t tell me the truth. I will burn you here. But Antra speaks nothing.

Then AJ call police and asks them to arrest Antra. Antra says; you can’t arrest me, you have no proof against me. AJ says; you murder someone and changed medicak reports, so this is enough for you to arrest. And police arrested Antra. Antra asks AJ. Then why will you leave Guddan when you know everything from the start. He says; you don’t need to mind my business and get out from here.

Later, AJ blames himself for hurtingGuddan. And he gives punishmentfor this. as he hurt Guddan so much and not believing her words. Meantime Guddan came. And said to him. Don’t punish yourself. I have already forgive you. And she hugged AJ(Episode end)