Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th November 2020 Written Update: Guddan and Choti Guddan successfully traps Pushpa and Gang in their plan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Guddan performing Pooja and calls devil, according to Choti and Guddan plan Choti comes in front of them and makes Pushpa and Gang fear, Guddan tries to catch Choti in a box but Choti Guddan says I will never come into box, instead I will kill you all for hurting my Choti Guddan.

Guddan sprays some powder and plays drama that she catched Soul of Guddan, in the mean while Choti Guddan rans from there. Guddan ( Kali) asks to close the box but by mistake it falls down , kali says what you did Pushpa you can’t even handle a simple thing now that devil will not leave you all.

Pushpa and Gang fear to death by listening kali words, on the other side Choti starts her drama and announce I will not leave you all at any cost, I will kill you all if you don’t accept how you all hurted Choti Guddan and tried to kill her unborn baby. Sona fears and says we will do whatever you say please don’t kill us, Niya opposes Sona what you are even saying it’s not possible.

Sona says you just shut up Niya and do as what Guddan soul want us do or else she will kill us first understand the problem then speak Niya. Choti Guddan smiles evily to scare them and moves from there. Kali says for now Soul of Guddan went but she will return back again tomorrow until you all accept what she need or else no one can protect you from that Soul, be careful. Sona says please don’t say that like that we all accept all our sins infront of Agastya but please protect us from soul of Guddan.

Pushpa gets angry by listening Sona word’s and says just shut up Sona in fear you are saying what ever coming into mind but understanding what be will be the result of we accept our sins in front of Agastya.

Kali says don’t take soul words that easily or else you don’t know what she will do with you all. Pushpa says but you don’t know about me and power of money do whatever you want and take how much money you want money and escape us from this Guddan soul. Kali( Guddan) thinks this plan is flopped but I will not accept my failure that easily Pushpa, I will show you all what I am just wait and watch.

Choti Guddan hurts herself while playing drama, Guddan cleans her infection and says you are same as your father both don’t share there pain with any one, but I am also your Mom if I can come back for you after 20 year’s, I can protect you all from every hurdle.

Choti says you are right Mom when you are with me no one can touch me! Choti Guddan asks Pushpa ji backfired our plan and feared Sona also not to reveal truth what we will do now Mom? Guddan says you don’t worry when I am no one will stop me from what I want to do and I will not leave anyone of them who hurted my Choti.

Sona catches Pushpa legs and pleads her please excuse me, Pushpa says ok stop this drama. Sona says thanks jiji you forgiven me so easily, Pushpa says I can see you anytime but now we four should stay together and try to escape from that Guddan Soul.

 Saru Maa it’s impossible we can’t defeat her when she is alive but how can we defeat her soul. Pushpa says we don’t need to do anything, kali will only protect us from that Soul. Choti Guddan comes there and fears them all by saying whose help you you are taking is a normal human being just like you all don’t forget that and in battle between soul and human being always devil will win.

 Sona says you are saying correct Guddan and I will do whatever you want . Guddan says to slap Sona and Saru Maa each other hardly.

Sona and Saru Maa starts slapping each other very hardly and Guddan enjoys by seeing them. Pushpa gets angry by seeing what ever happening and calls Kali to protect them, Choti Guddan laughs and says I already told in battle between devil and human being always devil will win if you don’t believe me call Kali and starts laughs.

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