Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th October 2020 Written Update: Choti Guddan locks Niya in Room

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Niya say’s to Pushpa (Maa) mistake is mine and give punishment to me whatever you want to give. Pushpa says no Niya why are you saying like this? I am saying correct only Maa because if children do mistake means parents only responsible for it. Rashi is my daughter and I am responsible for her mistakes. Pushpa says this is called character how good you are and taunts Guddan learn something from Niya if you want to succeed in your life or else your end is also like your Mother, character less girl.

Choti Guddan says whatever you want to say! Say it to me,don’t involve my Mother in all this. I am trying to do everything without any mistakes right? Pushpa says you are just trying but not implementing them but from now on you don’t have to do that also because your dream is going to remain as dream only, I am taking back your restaurant forever.

Choti Guddan pleads Pushpa not to do like this but Pushpa Birla not listens to her words and gets ready to go out of Jindhal Bhavan but Stops listening to Saru Maa word’s, if you step out this Jindhal Bhavan your son’s wedding is not going to happen since Agastya Marriage and future of this house are interlinked with each other. If Wedding happens it will happen here or else not. By listening to Saru Maa words gives one more chance to Choti Guddan.

Choti Guddan complaints to God like a small kid to take care of Mehandi bowls and starts to go from there but dash with Agastya (Romantic Music plays in background). Agastya says I came here to say Sorry because of Rashi my Mom insulted you by her words. Aarav comes there and holds Agastya collor, Agastya pushes Aarav in anger, Aarav tries to hit Agastya Guddan comes in between and request him not to do this please and Aarav goes from there. Agastya says what Aarav did is not correct. Guddan says whatever Pushpa Ji did is also not correct remember Agastya for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and I have so much work to do and I have no for you both parts away.

Niya mixes something in Mehandi and thinks now the actual drama starts and tsunami in Guddan life. Niya tries to talk with Agastya but he responds properly to her(Niya). Pushpa sees this and says to talk with Niya openly why you are giving cold shoulder to Niya. Agastya says nothing like Mom and this is girls function what I will do here let me go I have so much work to do since deadline of App is very neat and tries to move from there. Pushpa stop’s him by saying you too have to apply Mehandi go and sit there for now after that you can go anywhere.

Niya invites Guddan to come near her and sit beside her to apply Mehandi. Guddan denies it politely but Saru Maa insist her to sit, Guddan sits to apply Mehandi on hands without any chance. Niya thinks now the actual drama begins when your hands burn because of Mehandi. Mehandi designers starts to apply Mehandi on Agastya and Niya hands all of a Niya starts shouting by saying my hands having burning sensation. Rashi asks what happened Niya aunty and laughs thinking I have seen everything what you have done with Mehandi bowls so I changed the bowls now enjoy.

Pushpa orders Guddan to bring cream for Niya but Guddan and Agastya dashes eachother and Mehandi on Guddan hands prints on Agastya shirt all gets shocked by seeing this. Rashi sees this and feels happy and thanks to God. Rashi says grandma I have cream with me, I will go and bring it for Niya aunty. Niya thinks Rashi is not that innocent what I have thought. I have to teach her a lesson again and goes to Rashi room and folds her hand back and beats her.

Guddan comes on correct time and holds Rashi. Niya scolds Choti Guddan and says to remember Guddan you’re just a wedding planner and I am going to become Birla house Daughter In Law so better don’t stare me like that and I am not going to fear of you remember it. Guddan says you can’t do anything now only Iam going to inform everyone about your true intentions. Niya says how fool you are Guddan you can say them anything if you can go out of this room fit and fine. Choti Guddan pushes Niya and rans out of the room with Rashi by locking Niya in room and says everyone Agastya can’t marry Niya. Episode ends on shocking faces of Birla family.

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