Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th October 2020 Written Update: Mani keeps Marriage proposal infront of Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Choti Guddan saying Pushpa Birla Agastya can’t marry Niya and I will not let his marriage happen with Niya. Pushpa says what! Choti Guddan says it’s better for Rashi and all Birla family that Agastya can’t marry Niya. Pushpa says now you will decide what is good for Agastya and Birla family aren’t you saying something big?

Choti Guddan says I am saying this because reason behind this is very big! I have seen your Niya real character so saying please stop this marriage. Niya slapped Rashi infront of me and she pushed Rashi also. Agastya listens to Guddan, hugs Rashi and asks are you ok beta. Pushpa says again a new drama and I will not believe all your lies. Agastya says no Maa daughter is mine so decision also mine and walks fast to Niya and enquiries Niya what ever Choti Guddan is saying correct or not.

Niya says yes it’s truth. Agastya in anger pulls Niya closer and says how dare you to slap my daughter common speak up! Niya plays another drama yes I slapped Rashi but before that she injured me see this and show’s everyone her injury on left hand. Choti Guddan says how shameful you are putting blame on small girl why are you doing all this? Niya says I am not doing any problem Choti Guddan you are doing it you have seen how Rashi hurting me but what you did? You did nothing than standing there and watching drama.

Niya says from starting I always seen and accepted Rashi as my daughter but she never accepted me as her mother and all this happening because of you Guddan because you instigate Rashi against me. Pushpa scolds Guddan and Rashi. Rashi cries and hugs every one and request to trust her but no one believes her. Guddan hugs Rashi and says to believe his daughter, what kind of father you are? You love Rashi but don’t believe her. Agastya gets angry and scolds Guddan, Mom I am done with all this and takes Rashi along with him and goes out of Jindhal Bhavan.

Pushpa says this is your last mistake Guddan and now your dream to full fill your dad dream by getting back your restaurant will remain as a dream only. Guddan falls on her knees and pleads Pushpa not to do this and asks to trust her I am saying truth only. Saru Maa says Stop Pushpa I have solution for your problem by that this marriage will happen and this girl will get her restaurant back.

Pushpa says after what ever you still supporting this Guddan Saru Maa. Saru Maa if you want to get back your restaurant means in returnyou have to give this Jindhal Bhavan. Guddan pleads Saru Maa please don’t say like that to gain some thing I can’t loose another thing, please I can’t to do this and asks Durga to say.

Durga says it’s fine we will give this house in return of restaurant, Choti Guddan I have promised your parents I will take care of you and I can’t back out from my promise, this is not important infront of your dream, Choti we can build house again but once your dream broke means we can’t full fill it ever, believe me Choti. Durga says I am accepting your condition to Saru Maa. Durga says ok then bring documents and sign on them.
Aarav says no Dj I am not accepting there condition and scolds Pushpa Birla.

Pushpa raise her hand to slap Aarav but Aarav stops her hand and says I am not your servent to do what ever you say Pushpa Birla and pushes her. Agastya comes there on correct time and catches Pushpa before falling and says Aarav I already warned you that I am not going listen a word against my mom and slaps Aarav, both fights with each other and all tries to stop them.

Aarav beats Agastya with cricket bat on his head, but Mani comes in between and gets injured. Niya comes with inspector and says to arrest Aarav. Mani says I have fallen down by mistake and in this Aarav mistake is not there. Police says when complaint is not there against Aarav we can’t arrest him and moves out from there. Pushpa says are gone mad Mani why are you doing like this?

Mani says because I love Guddan and wants to marry Guddan. Mani asks Guddan will you marry me! Guddan says whatever you have done for that thanks but I can’t marry you because I don’t love you. Mani hurts by Guddan word’s and goes it of the by locking door. Sona request Guddan to accept Mani.

Pushpa says if something is happen to Mani I will not leave any one remember it. Saru Maa says to accept Mani and leave happily or else if something happens to Mani along with you, your brother and Dj is going to sit in jail think about Guddan. Episode ends on Guddan thinking about Mani proposal.

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