Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd December 2020 Written Update: Guddan and Choti had a narrow escape

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with chhoti guddan and mother celebrating their small victory with ghee laddus. Choti is saying that I am so happy today, I was getting worried for no reason. Whereas things have become fine on their own. Guddan says that your goodness has overpowered my intelligences and planning.

Choti says when tomorrow Sona aunty will confess their crimes in front of Agastya thereafter I will have nothing to worry about. Guddan says I am glad that things are falling back in their places. They are chatting with each other when suddenly the sound of footsteps coming from the outside area.

Guddan hides behind the curtain in a jiffy while Choti is feeling not prepared for the situation. Pushpa looks around the kitchen and asked, is there anybody else with you ? Because I heard voices of two people talking. Chhoti somehow convinced her that it was she alone in the kitchen and nobody else was there. Pushpa asks her are you eating two laddus together at a go?

Choti says me and my unborn baby are having one laddu each. Pushpa still checks behind the curtain by herself but she is unable to find anybody. She goes away from the kitchen when guddan comes out from behind the fridge. She asks her daughter to go and take some rest while she will manage the rest of the work remaining. At night, Choti is sleeping in her room when Agastya is decorating the room with balloons and letters for her birthday celebration.

 Agastya gives a kiss on her forehead and wishes her happy birthday. Choti gets happy and asks him didn’t he sleep yet? He asks her to wear her glasses and wakes her up and says I have some more surprises for you. Choti is already awestuck with the decorations and the preparations in their bedroom and she gets more happy when she notices the birthday cake as well. She is going to cut the cake when there was a knock at the door.

 Agastya open the door and finds Kali is standing in front of him. She says that today is my daughter’s birthday as well but as I am not with her so I made the cake for your wife as she shares the same birthday with my daughter. If she cuts the cake on behalf of my daughter, I will be happiest. Agastya agrees and asks her to come inside and all three of them celebrated her birthday and did cake cutting.

Guddan wishes in her mind that as long as I am here no one can cause harm to both of you. Choti wishes for the truth to get exposed in front of her husband Agastya so that she can start a happy life. The next morning Sona is praying from God to give her strength so that she can confess about their crimes in front of Agastya.

Suddenly Pushpa comes there and says I will definitely confess about my crimes to my son in front of all of you. In the evening everybody is happy to see the grand decorations done by Agastya for Guddan. Guddan comes down by decked up in a saree. They are about to cut the cake when Pushpa calls Agastya and sends him out of the house to bring some gift for Guddan.

Choti says to her mother that I am not feeling good because the last time when they did that violence with me, she sent Agastya out of the house in the same way. Guddan is scared while Pushpa is looking worried.

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