Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd January 2020 Written Update: Guddan challenges Antara| Antara conspires against Guddan and spikes her food

Episode begins with guddan is challenging Antara, she will make sure that she doesn’t last longer in this house. She says this time your competition is not with good done but the mother good done inside me. I will make you out of the house within 24 hours from now on so start your countdown. Guddan left from there and under is fuming in anger. She says I can’t let this child come in the world. guddan is saying that this kid will make had relationship with Akshat no strong but I will make sure that this kid don’t exist at all. She immediately makes a plan to killed the child of Guddan.

Guddan is trying to reach out Akshat but his phone is continuously coming out of network area. She is talking to her unborn baby and says can you see how much your father annoys me? He just loves to make me worried for him. She is getting stressed when it comes from behind and wraps his arms around her. He says I know I am guilty for being late and ready to take any sort of punishment you will assign for me.

Akshat says that you have given me the best gift of this world so when I went out to bring your medicines I brought something else as well which can make you and our unborn baby happy. Guddan sita on the bed and Akshat comes inside of the room with the perambulator. Guddan gets happy to see this and she got teary eyed with the overflow of happiness in her life. She says I can’t believe that god is being so kind to me and my kid is going to come in this world.

They are discussing about whether it will be a boy or a girl when Akshat says if it is then I will name her Alisha. Guddan gets emotional to hear this and remember that Alisha is still not served with justice and she gets sad with this fact. Akshat says to guddan that I believe whatever you said about and I will make sure that she doesn’t stay in this house for a long time and I will look for evidence to make sure that she gets punished.

The next morning, Antara receives a parcel from an unknown person who says that there are five black raisins in the box which is specially injected with some toxic poisons of snakes. If anyone consumes it then he or she will die within seconds. Antara decides to make couldn’t eat it somehow without coming into the picture. She goes to the kitchen and noticed that dadi is making Gajar ka halwa for Guddan. She grabs this opportunity and mix those raisins in the container without anybody noticing her.

Later on, guddan get settled on the table when dadi asked her to eat the Gajar ka halwa. But Guddan being unknown to the conspiracy of Antara, makes Lakshmi and dadi eat the pudding as well. She is going to eat the pudding when Antara excitedly looks at her. (Episode Ends)