Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd July 2020 Written Update: Lord Krishna plays big role in Guddan and AJ’s life

Today’s episode start with Guddan worshiping Lord Krishna, she then thinks to call AJ, she dialed his number. While on the other side AJ is still sleeping and he wakeup after his phone start ringing. AJ received her call and Guddan ask him to take Lord Krishna’s blessing. AJ takes the Lord’s arti. After that Guddan and AJ recall their first arti after marriage. Guddan tells him that she can never forget that because after that arti, there are lot’s of things happened in her life and Lord Krishna always helped her. AJ ask her, if she remember the day when they both meet in Lord Krishna’s temple and how Krishna make Guddan fell in AJ’s arms. Guddan says that she completely forget it that Krishna helped them to meet each other.

Guddan also tells AJ that how her three daughter-in-law troubled her and how Lord Krishna always rescue her from them. She even reminds AJ that how Krishna helped to break his and Antra’s marriage. They also recall the day when Antra tied Guddan with Ravan’s statue and Lord give signal to AJ so that he can save her.

AJ then teases Guddan by saying that she always bother Lord Krishna even in small matters. Guddan says that she never bother Kirshna ji , she just share her feeling with him because Krishna ji understand her well and always help her. She further tells AJ that how God helped her when Parav kidnapped her small sister. Guddan says that Lord Krishna is always at her side and even gets success in her acting career because of Krishna ji.

Later, AJ ask her that what happened to her, why she is missing Lord Krishna. Guddan tells AJ that she is very upset as people are suffering because of coronavirus, cyclones and other natural calamities but, Lord Krishna is not stopping all of this. AJ ask her to believe in Lord Krishna and have faith in him as everything will be fine soon. Guddan agrees with it. Later duo thank Lord Krishna for helping them in their hard time. (Episode end)