Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd March 2020 Written Update: Guddan want to remarry

Today’s episode starts with, Guddan shares her feelings with her amma’s photo. She asks, what will I do,  at first Mr jindal forced me to do check up, And then he again asked me to leave his house. If I don’t love him I never give him a chance to hurt me.

There Guddan’s family came to her. They ask her to eat food, also they asks her to forget  about AJ and jindal family . Anyway  Jindal family don’t deserve your love and respect. You just need to focus  on your work.  There Mrs jindaland Laxmi talking about AJ and Guddan’s matter.

Mrs Jindal says,we  have to do something  about AJ and Guddan so we can ship them again. While Laxmi says,  we can’t do anything about them. Meanwhile Durga came. She asks Mrs jindal to first eat her medicine and then i will tell you about my idea .  Mr jindal eat those medicines.

She asks Durga about her plan. Durga said to them. AJ  still love Guddan very much but if we bring another man in Guddan life. This will surely start bothering AJ. But Laxmi said to Durga, how will we add Guddan in this plan. Dugra says, don’t worry for this i have another idea.

On the other side, Revatiand her parents were talking about Guddan. Meantime Guddan came and said to them. I have to go Jindal mansion. Revati asks her, why. Guddan says; Mrs jindalis sick, she needs me. And  Guddan went from there.

Ahead, Guddan come to jindal mansion, she  asks, Mrs  jindal what happened to you. Why dont you take care to yourself. Mrs jindalsaid,Guddan,i am fine  . I just lied to you, forgive me. Meantime Laxmi and Durga also came and apologies to Guddan. Guddan asks them, but why.

Laxmi says, because we want to find a groom for you, so that you can start your happy life again.  Here, AJ listen their talking. He shout on Laxmi. And say, stop spoutingnonsense  from your mouth. While Mrs jindal asks him, why are you getting hyper. There is nothing to do with you.

AJ came to Guddan and said, you can’t handle your first marriage.  And now you want marry again. And duo start nok-jhok. Afterwards Guddanasks Laxmi to bring a groom for her as AJ challenging her. AJ went from there in anger. He locked himself in his room. And feels sad for himself as he don’t want to lose Guddan.At the same time Guddan saw AJ when he was crying alone. While she was doing a drama as she already get to know about report truth. And  wants to bring back AJ in her life with the help of this drama.

Episode ends with, Guddan meet Antra in police station and blames her for her evil sins.