Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd November 2020 Written Update: Niya faints because of sick and marriage rituals stops in the middle

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Durga enquiries about Mani. Mani and Agastya comes there by wearing same costumes, Sona says Mani can’t become Agastya but can look like Agastya right jiji! So I said Mani to wear same costume like Agastya. Pushpa says to start Tilak Rasam. Durga and Niya’s mother perform rituals individually to there Son In Law’s.

 Pandit ji says to bring bridegroom’s both Choti Guddan and Niya comes down by wearing same costumes, Durga sees this and gets irritated and says what a day have come this Guddan wear costume as my Niya. Durga says when both are going to become Birla house Daughter In Law’s so both should get same respect Durga ji. Sona says you are saying correct Pushpa Ji, Durga makes Choti Guddan beside Mani.

Pandit ji starts chants Mantras, Durga says to stop pandit ji chanting mantras because in water they can see face of Agastya and Choti Guddan respectively and asks to change places of bridegroom’s and both Choti Guddan and Niya exchange places sit beside the Groom’s. Durga says pandit ji to starts the rituals.

Pandit ji starts Mantras and says now both Groom and Bride groom will feed sweet eachother and explains importance of this rituals. Pandit ji says now Bridegroom and Groom exchange the garlands and starts chanting Mantras. Both couple stand to  exchange garlands. Niya faints because of sick and everyone asks her to get rest for sometime as there is time for marriage.

Niya goes to room and takes rest, on the other side Mani feels happy that everything is going to be mine ( Jindhal Bhavan and restaurant). Durga taunts Guddan for break in rituals, Pushpa says don’t taunt my Guddan because marriage is stopped in middle because of Niya not because of my Choti, first you go check Niya with some doctor.

 Durga says I don’t want to listen a word against my Niya, Pushpa says but you can say anything to my Guddan right? Sona tries to stop there argument. Sona to pandit ji why can’t we start rituals of Mani and Guddan still Niya comes down. Pandit ji says yes we can perform there marriage once the groom comes we can start the rituals.

Some one beats Groom (Mani) on his head while coming to Mandap, he faints and fall’s down.  Guddan feels tense here because of sudden marriage, Durga says it’s normal once rituals starts you will feel comfort. Groom comes to Mandap and pandit ji starts rituals both Groom and Bride groom exchange garlands and pandit ji chants Mantras. Rashi cries by seeing Choti Guddan getting married to Mani. Durga scolds Rashi and asks her to wash face and come. Pandit ji says now both Groom and Bridegroom to perform Homam.

Rashi comes to store room to complain about what’s happening to God and sees another groom ( and assume it as Agastya)  there in unconscious state and shouts pop’s but some one apply chloroform to Rashi but makes her faints. Choti Guddan thinks I agreed for this marriage because of DJ because I believe her whatever she do it’s good for me only,  please bless me lord Krishna and cries remembering her parents memories.

Pandit asks do Guddan parents to do Kanya daan, Mani says brother is equal to father Dj I will do Kanyadaan of Choti and perform ritual. Guddan feels different while performing ritual (Kanyadaan) ,

Arushi perform Gathbandhan ritual. Pandit ji says Groom and Bridegroom to take  seven rounds around havan and explains importance of this ritual and pandit announces from now you both are husband and wife and going to start new and important phase in your life.

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