Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd October 2019 Written Update: Revti’s real face revealed in front of Guddan

Today’s episode opens with AJ asking inspector to let him call Guddan once more. Inspector ask his mobile back. AJ takes out inspector’s gun and put him on gun point. He further ask to open the gate else he will shoot the innocent. Inspector orders to open the gate. AJ rushes to the hospital to stop Revti from harming Guddan. Mask person about to hit but AJ stops her at the nick of the time. He gets angry and yells thinking behind the mask its Revti. But Guddan unveils herself and AJ gets shocked. Guddan cries and ask AJ why he took Revti’s name. She ask is Revti is behind all the crime. AJ stands shocked.

Here, Perv ask Revti how she is feeling after killing Antra. Revti tells him that the news was fake. Meanwhile, Guddan comes and confronts Revti. Revti reveals to Guddan that she has planned against her because her Angad is no more. Guddan, AJ and others stands shocked.

Revti further says to Guddan that now she will avenge her for not saving Angad’s life. Guddan explains to Revti that she went to save Angad but Angad asked her to go away. Revti ask Guddan not to pretend innocent. AJ gets angry on Revti and later, apologies her for not revealing Revti’s truth in front of her.

Revti says to Guddan that today she will tell one more truth to her. AJ ask Revti to stop her nonsense but Revti says she wants Guddan heart to be broken into pieces.

Revti reveals how she shot Guddan and AJ took blame on him. Guddan stands shocked. AJ ask Revati to come out from her illusion but Revti gives open challenge to Guddan and says she will make her life hell at any cost. Guddan gets teary. (Episode Ends)

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