Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th December 2019 Written Update: Guddan learns a shocking truth!

Episode begins with Everyone in the house gathered at the dining table for breakfast and Guddan and AJ also comes there when they see Antara is coming out of the kitchen with the food. Everyone is disturbed and shocked to see her coming out of the kitchen when she signs Alisha to say something and she says it is really nice of my mother to make food for me and all of you. Everyone starts to get up from the food table one after another when Guddan gives them swear on her and asks them all to taste the food.

Alisha understands that Guddan is doing everything for her happiness and she is feeling guilty for her. Antara serves Poha to everyone and Alisha is looking at her all terrified and Alisha is praising the food for the blackmailing of Antara. Suddenly Alisha is started to cough so much and Guddan rushes to her and takes her to clear her wardrobe and face. Laxmi and Durga taunt Antara that even without being the biological mother of Alisha she takes care of all.

Guddan and Alisha are spending time in the kitchen where Guddan says to Alisha she loves her so much and she will not let her go anywhere and she loves her so much and she is saying this with full authority and Alisha feels overwhelmed and decides to ask her once how will she feel if she comes to know that she doesn’t belong to this house. Guddan says you are like my Krishna and I am like your Yashoda ma and I love without any conditions and situations.

Alisha is sitting poolside when Antara comes with a glass of juice for her and says have it and you know what? This drama of being nice is too difficult because I have to make juice for almost everyone in the house. Now you have to take this juice or else people will think I am not taking care of my princess properly.

Alisha says I am not in a mood to drink juice and throws the glass away and she says whatever I am and however I am, you only brought me up like this hence do not even try to overpower me, no one can make me bound to do anything. Do not try to scare me with your truth cause even if Guddan and AJ gets to know about it they will not stop loving me. Your love is fake cause you are fake and liar and that’s why you are trying to scare me with it. In Fact wait I am going to them and telling them about my real identity. She is about to go when Antara pushed an injection inside her body.

Alisha starts to feel drowsy and asks what did you inject me? But she has nothing to say and she calls for Guddan and AJ . Guddan and AJ are dreaming about raising Alisha like a proper person and is dreaming to make her a proper human being. They get to hear her voice and comes down in the hall and see Alisha is sinking she is trying to say something but she couldn’t. They are trying to call a doctor and all but Alisha breathes her last in the lap of Guddan without being able to tell what she wants to. AJ and Guddan cries their heart out for Alisha and the entire family gets shocked.