Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th December 2020 Written Update: Guddan shares stories about Akshat with her daughter Choti

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Agastya standing in his room and standing bare body in the room and seeing his wounds. Pushpa sees his wounds and says you love me so much then why don’t you confess that openly to me ? You are doing all these for the Guddan and her mother and did you notice even after all these also their bonding is unaffected and you are not even talking to you mother.

Agastya says to her whatever is happening is not because of Guddan or her mother but only one person is responsible for all these and that is you, my own biological mother. In my childhood you send me into hostel, then when I was not even properly made myself worthy you got me married to Niya to fulfill your already filled bank with more and more money and then you forced me to do a second marriage to remove the tag of a interfile woman from Niya’s head and then you are coming to me to talk about how you are so worried about my life?

The same life which you almost ruined or left no stone unturned to ruin it is the better version to say. Pushpa says you don’t want to see me in pain but also you believe I was wrong. You don’t have guts to punish me then I will punish myself. I will make sure that I earn your sorry by punishing myself. She says I will not intake a single piece of food until you think I am eligible for your forgiveness.

Choti is going to meet Agastya as he is too much wounded but her mother stopped her and says if you went to meet him then once again he will fall short to take his own call and Choti gets restless and says why are you doing this with me? In all these that happened with me Agastya is not responsible at all. Guddan says not to call a wrong thing wrong is equally offensive then the person who is involved in the offense.

Choti says things are not that much complicated the way you are seeing it. She says if my father was here then he would never do these things. Guddan says you miss your father so much right? Do you want to know about how he was? When I came to the house marrying your father and became the youngest mother-in-law of three daughter-in-laws at such a young age then I had no clue about what to do and how to do it and your father used to love them a lot and never used to listen to me over them.

However one day your DJ insulted my father in front of all and I thought like all other days he will support them today also but no, he didn’t. He called out the wrong and spoke up for my father, he always stood by the truth no matter whose it was. He always supported the fair and truth so if not me atleast for your father’s sake agreed to what I am asking you to do. She says but you always perform your responsibilities no matter what, nothing can come between your duties as a wife and as a daughter-in-law then how I will overlook my duties for my in-laws.

This time I should be with them and not leave them alone, that is not something even you want me to do right? Choti leaves the room to meet Agastya and Guddan feels proud to see her daughter. The next morning, Aarushi serves all breakfast and Sona taunts her for making bad bread and Aarav takes a stand for her and Aarushi feels touched with his words.

Pushpa and Niya are eating in the room hiding from all and Pushpa says I will pretend in front of all that I won’t eat anything and will gain forgiveness from Agastya too. Agastya comes there at that moment and Pushpa behaves as if she is fasting and then Agastya takes out the plates of food from behind the window and looks at his mother angrily.

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