Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th November 2020 Written Update: Guddan makes Pushpa and Gang dance on her tune

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pushpa shouts for kali, Pushpa says we given money for you to send this devil from this house what are doing? Kali spread some spread powder and choti Guddan moves away from there.

Kali says this devil is very dangerous she will come again if you people don’t accept your mistakes in front of all. Choti Guddan comes to her room at a same time Agastya comes from restroom shirtless, Choti Guddan blushes and says when you will learn locking the door,

Agastya says when I have not locked the door before our marriage then why I will close the door now and moves close to Choti Guddan and both shares romantic moment, Choti Guddan some how escape from him and moves to Guddan room, both discuss how to implement there second plan to bring Pushpa and Gang truth in front of all.

Sona comes to hall and sees coconut every where, she about to touch one coconut and it’s gets blast and Sona gets fear calls everyone, kali comes there it’s all done by that devil if you not listen to her she will blast everything. Choti Guddan instructs Pushpa and Guddan to dance on music first they all denies to perform dance but later agree to dance when Choti Guddan blasts few more coconuts with remote control.

Sona slips while dancing and prays in front of kali please protect us from that devil we will say everything to everyone, kali says o can’t to do anything you all have to accept your mistakes in front of everyone if you want to save your life that’s it, or else that devil will not leave you all, that too as early as possible i.e today you all have to accept your mistakes during dinner time be ready for confessions or else know one will come to save you from that devil.

During dinner time Sona, Saru Maa and Niya comes near dinning table with full face, Agastya asks Sona what happened aunt why you are so full? Want to say something is anything happened! Sona says we came here to confess something to you and all, we don’t have any other option also left other than accepting our crime you!

Agastya asks what you want to say it clearly I am not understanding anything aunty. Sona says everything in front of Agastya what she and other done with Choti Guddan and how they hurted her, tried to kill her and unborn child and in all this Pushpa jiji is also with us she is the master behind all this. Everyone gets shocked to the core by hearing Sona .

Agastya gets angry by listening to Sona and rushes near Pushpa and questions her is what Sona aunty saying is true? Pushpa can’t find any words to answer him stood silently with out answering him. Agastya says it means you did all this to seperate Choti from me, and starts dragging Pushpa by saying you were the worst mother in the world and throws her out of the house and Closes door on her face,

suddenly Pushpa gets up from her sleep and says it’s my dream and it should not come true ever, I have to do something before Agastya learns the truth from that stupid Sona. Agastya asks Sona to say what she wants to say soon food is becoming cold and we have eat. Pushpa plans something and calls Agastya name loudly episode ends here.

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