Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th October 2019 Written Update: AJ gets angry on Guddan for supporting Alisha

Today’s episode starts with Guddan slaps Perv and lashes him for kidnapping Alisha and trying to harm Durga. Perv ask Guddan to stop putting allegations on him. Revti comes and supports Perv over Guddan. She further asks Guddan to show her prove that Perv is guilty. Guddan says she can prove, as Perv got hurt when she threw stone on his leg and that wound is the prove. Revti ask Perv to show his leg. Guddan gets shocked seeing no wound mark on Perv’s leg. Further, Perv threatens to kill Guddan. Revti ask Guddan to go back home. Ahead, Revti slaps Perv for making stupid plans. Perv thinks to avenge Revti for slapping him.

AJ ties Alisha and announces that she will not take part in performing the Diwali Pooja. Guddan defends Alisha, AJ ask Guddan not to interrupt in his decisions. AJ goes to his room.

Guddan goes after him and tries to confront him and found he is crying. AJ pours his heart out to Guddan and says he too feels hurt when he scolds Alisha. Guddan consoles AJ. Further, AJ gets adamant on his decision and says to Guddan that in today’s Diwali pooja Alisha will not take a part.

Guddan thinks without the complete family she is not going to perform the pooja. Ahead, Laxmi and Saraswati argues with each other on Diwali celebration.

Afterwards, AJ tells to Guddan that only 15 minutes is left and ask her to start the pooja. Guddan refuses to perfrom the puja without Alisha. AJ gets angry and tells to everyone to go back, as today they are not going to celebrate Diwali. AJ’s mother yells at Guddan and AJ and asks AJ to back off from the decision and free Alisha. She says her decision is last. (Episode Ends)