Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th October 2020 Written Update: Durga announces Choti Guddan is ready to Marry Mani

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Choti Guddan reminiscences Saru Maa and Pusha words and walks blindly without seeing anything and collides with Agastya. Agastya says after whatever you did why are you shedding this crocodile tears! Choti Guddan asks what you mean to say? You think I have done all this with my wish? Agastya says of course you did everything according to your plan, first showering love on Rashi, then Mani and all!

If this is not your plan or then what it’s called Guddan? Guddan says you think what ever you think Agastya but we both know deep inside it’s not like you are thinking. Agastya asks of its so why can’t you accept Mani proposal and accept his love Guddan? Guddan says because I don’t love Mani. Agastya says if you don’t love Mani then whom you love tell me? Agastya says Mani is not innocent,he is not like me and he loves you truly why can’t you accept him and don’t shed this tear’s in front of me because I know you are not that innocent as you protrey in front of others Guddan.

Guddan reminiscences all word’s said by Birla family and shouts at Agastya I am listening to what ever you are saying it doesn’t mean I am wrong, you want answers right I will give you and takes Agastya along with her by holding his hand. All are worried for Mani and Aarav brings Mani home fit and fine, Sona hugs Mani and cries what happened you Mani, where you went by leaving this Mother? Mami says Mom don’t worry your Mom I am fine, Aarav convinced me brought me back to home.

Choti Guddan comes down by playing drums and Durga asks Choti are you ok! Guddan says no Dj I am not ok why no one trust me and blames me for everything which I have not done Dj and cries. What mistake mistake I have done say me I am just trying to full fill my parents dream is it wrong? All are pointing fingers at me but no one realising where it all started and by whom? B

ecause of whom today I am in this situation is pointing fingers at me and saying I am doing wrong with his family and brother, but what about the wrong he did with me who took my restaurant. Choti Guddan says Agastya you are a shallow man who can’t understand simple things that I can’t marry Mani because I don’t have feelings on him, but that is also my mistake because I am girl and they have to follow every one order but keep there point of view right and cries miserably
Choti Guddan says Mani ji what ever you have done for my brother I am thankful to you for that but can’t marry you because in every relation there should be both trust and love. I trust you but don’t love you I am really very sorry I can’t marry you and goes from there. Pushpa scolds Sona are you happy now? Mani says Durga ji please believe I love Guddan truly and wants to spend my rest of life with Guddan and wants to Full fill her every dream. I know she don’t love me but she trust me right? Please give me a chance to prove my love and I promise you that I will never hurt Guddan. Durga says let me talk with Guddan first before saying anything.

Guddan talks with her parents portrait. Durga comes there and consoles Guddan, Mani is good by heart and he is ready to do anything for you and your dreams please think about this realation once I know you don’t love him but trust him right ? Believe me and say yes to this marriage, Mani is perfect for you, Choti you may not love him now but in future you will definitely love in future believe me and say yes to marriage. Durga announces Choti Guddan agree to Marry Mani.

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