Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th September 2019 Written Update: Guddan vows to find out truth behind AJ’s lie

Today’s episode starts with the doctor checking Durga and informs the family that mother and child both are fine. Guddan asks why she is getting this good news so late. Durga says because she was already going through many things in her life. Further, she says to Guddan that she wants her child to have traits like her. Revti interrupts and praises Guddan for killing Antara.

Guddan recalls how Antra got burned and died. AJ says to Guddan that she didn’t do anything wrong. Guddan confronts AJ and asks how he is changed so much. Further, she asks AJ to tell her the truth, as his silence is killing her. AJ says he won’t feel like giving any answers to her.

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Aj thinks he will not reveal the truth to Guddan. Revti blocks AJ’s way and again threatens him. She asks him to continue hatred drama, as it can only keep Guddan safe.

In the morning everyone prays to God for the family’s happiness. Inspector comes and informs to Guddan that he is here to arrest Akshat. Everyone gets shocked. Inspector further shows them the video in which it is seen AJ shoots Guddan. AJ’s mother says she can’t believe this video. Guddan and other’s stand shocked.

Guddan’s father asks Guddan to tell the truth. AJ’s mother asks AJ to tell the truth. Guddan too asks AJ to tell the truth before everything gets ruined. AJ confesses in front of the inspector that he shot Guddan.

Guddan says she is sure he is under some pressure thus lying but AJ screams and tells to everyone that he hates Guddan and tried to kill her. Inspector takes away AJ with him by putting an attempt to the murder charge on him. AJ looks at Revti angrily. Guddan stands teary and Revti smiles. (Episode Ends)