Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 31st December 2020 Written Update: Agastya returns the paper of Jindal restaurant to his wife Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 31st December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Agastya entering the room of Pushpa and she says why did you come here? To make me agree to eat something but I will ot listen to you. Agastya says to Pushpa when elders start to behave like kids then there comes a point when it is needed to make them understand. He asks his mother to eat something but she doesn’t agree to it. She says what happened to you all of a sudden? There was a time when you didn’t even raise your voice on me and now you don’t even look at me properly? From where did you get so much hate for me and why? You have changed a lot and I never expected this from you.

Agastya says to her yes you are correct and I have changed for good because now I can distinguish between good and bad really well. He goes and brings out the tray of food kept behind the curtain and says you people have tried well. However, all these tricks won’t work on me anymore and neither am I going to embarrass you by asking the reason behind your drama because I have stopped expecting anything from you except for lies and betrayal so you can carry on. He says when you open the door the curtain is closed with so much force as if someone closed it with so much hurry.

Other side, Choti Guddan is walking and thinking I wish I could meet Agastya and give him this ointment and she tripped over Agastya and both lost in each other meeting after so many hours and Agstya is happy to see his chasmish and also Choti is happy to see him after long and they are going to hug each other but Aarav comes in between them and says I also want you both to stay together happily but right now I can not go against my elder aunty’s instruction.

Also I know Choti will also not like to go against her mother’s command. Agastya says I am going on a work trip but before that I want to handover something that belongs to her solely. He gives her the property papers of the restaurant of her father and says here is your wealth which will remain with you now and no one will snatch it from you at any cost. Guddan says to Aarav even I want to give something to your brother-in-law and says to Agastya you lessen so many pains of mine so I also have some responsibility right? She asks him to apply the medicine on his wounds and Agastya says nothing but looks at her with admiration.

Niya’s parents came to Jindal house to take away Niya with them but she declines to go with them and says I will not leave this house at any cost no matter what. Pushpa also comes there and claims she is like the daughter of Birla family and all of us love her so much but Sona along with other family members decline to accept the same and says she is forcing herself on this family whereas she has no right to live here at any cost. She says Agastya will also love me when I will erase Guddan from the picture and her mother slapped her in front of all and asks what kind of behaviour is this?

Agastya appreciates her and says I am glad with what you did today but unfortunately you are too late to take any action against her. I wish you could have slapped her in the childhood instead of fulfilling all her demands then she won’t be this kind of psycho and adamant.

Niya’s father blames Agastya for being a house based son-in-law and he says what is the issue, I am living here with my family because I belong to this family but what Niya is doing here among us? She is not even my friend anymore that for the sake of the friendship I will allow her to stay with us. Niya still says no to go with them and her parents cut off all ties with her and goes away from there and says from now there is no connection between us. Niya later blackmails that she will commit suicide and will write a letter blaming Agastya so that he rots in jail for his entire lifetime.

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