Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 31st October 2020 Written Update: Rashi requests Choti Guddan to become her mother

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 31st October 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Durga saying Choti Guddan is ready to marry Mani. Pushpa opposes it and says I am not going to agree to this marriage at any cost. Sona says Guddan will become daughter in law of Birla house and I am agreeing for this relation, jiji I don’t want daughter in law according to your taste who is fast in everything. I want Mani happiness and Mani happiness is in Guddan and I am ok with it.

 Pushpa says you want this girl as your daughter in law who can’t do a single work without mistakes! Sona says jiji Guddan is not as bad as you say, please accept this relation for Mani happiness. Pushpa says to do whatever you want to do if Mani Love this Guddan. Saru Maa  says when both boy and girl are ready for marriage then why we should do late in there marriage! Let’s do this marriage along with Agastya and Niya marriage.

Pushpa says ok as you say Saru Maa. Rashi feels bad and rans from there. Pushpa says Guddan remember one thing you are becoming Birla house Daughter In Law it doesn’t mean you will get back your restaurant, and leaves from there to prepare haldi ceremony.Agastya and Choti Guddan sees each other and feels unknown pain ( sad song plays in background) moves apart from each other.

Mani comes to Jindal Bhavan with Bharat and dances happily. Durga sees Mani performance feels weird, Mani says this is most important day in my life DJ and it all happened because of you so bless me DJ. Durga enquiries about others, Mani says they are coming. Durga and family enters Jindhal Bhavan and taunts Choti Guddan she is not ready yet.

Sona says don’t taunt my daughter in law jiji, Pushpa says if she is becoming your Daughter In Law means she should welcome you right? Choti Guddan comes down in yellow and white Gahra choli and mesmerized by Choti Guddan, Niya observer’s it and asks Agastya how I am looking I specially wearing this colour because you like it right? Agastya responds are coldy. Pushpa says you are looking beautiful Niya no one can compete you in your beauty.

Durga says let’s start Haldi ceremony and Rashi is no where seen, Pushpa again this drama started by Rashi. Arushi says Mom don’t say like that I will check where Rashi is. Rashi prays to lord Krishna please God don’t make Niya as my mother, I want Choti Guddan as my mother please God. Arushi listens to it and says it’s my wish too Rashi because she can only change whatever wrong happening in Birla house. Rashi says so let’s we both do something.

Saru Maa and Pusha talks about there plans( everything is happening according to our plan and further also everything will happen to our plan)  and laughs. Pushpa says to bring haldi before auspicious time goes away! Sona says Ji jiji I am bringing and takes the Bowl but the Bowl slips from her hands and falls on Agastya and Guddan.

Pushpa taunts Guddan for what happened, Durga supports Choti Guddan and argues with Durga. Sona says what ever happened it happened because of me you both Stop fighting.  Durga goes to kitchen to bring juice but Some one spikes one glass of juice.

 Pandit ji performs Pooja but Choti Guddan is lost somewhere, Durga says I know Choti you are tense for whatever happening in no time but believe me Mani is good boy you will be happy there. Choti Guddan says can I adjust there in Birla’s house, Durga says don’t worry you will not only adjust in Birla’s house but you will change them for good, keep believe in yourself.

Rashi comes and hugs Choti Guddan and request her to marry Agastya, Choti Guddan tries to understand her by saying I am also coming to that house only and I will be there for you ever and ever! Once this marriage complete we will be together for ever Rashi.

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