Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd January 2020 Written Update: Guddan is fooled by AJ and Antara

Episode begins with Guddan is going to eat the pudding of carrot but before she can have her first bite from the bowl she noticed the Antara is standing right there in a corner. Guddan says Antara is also standing here and now maybe unwanted and uninvited but she is staying with us so we can make her part of our happiness atleast and asks Antara to have a bite from the bowl as it is made by her mother-in-law. She is insisting Antara to have a bite from the bowl but Akshat comes there and asks Guddan not to requests Antara too much for the food when she is less interested.

It will eventually the insult of the food at last, hence I have to take a bite from the bowl as I know it is made by my mother. He takes a bite from the bowl and starts to cough and Antara asks him if he is okay and gave himself water too. He drinks it and asks Antara why are you looking at me like a clueless person and why are you sweating so much all of a sudden?

What are you thinking that why didn’t I die by now? Well that is because the poison you mixed in the food is already changed and replaced by me. Actually all these started when Guddan for the first time told me that Antara is the one who killed Alisha by injecting her with some kind of injection. I was actually looking for an opportunity to trap Antara in her own game plan. That is why I installed so many CCTV cameras in the house so that I can keep my eyes on everything that is happening in the house.

He shows the CCTV footage to the family members and call the cops inside the house. He asks the inspector to get Antara arrested and make sure she stays inside the jail. Guddan takes is sigh of relief as she feels finally Alisha is served with justice.

AJ comes to her and says now that Antara is away from the house, you only concentrate on yourself and our upcoming baby and nothing else. I will take care of the other things meanwhile. AJ made her eat food and puts her to sleep.

Antara is in another house and AJ comes to meet her there. AJ says that I am thankful to you that you helped me out in this matter. There is a flashback of Antara going out of the house packing her back when AJ comes inside the room. Antara instigates AJ against Guddan by showing him the slip of the latter is giving Antara ultimatum of 24 hours. AJ says I completely made Guddan believe that you are under police custody and you are punished for Alisha murder case. AJ asks Antara to leave the city as soon as possible and stay away from guddan and their unborn child.

Antara says yes to AJ and after he left from the house she rejoices as finally she has a deadly weapon to use against Guddan. She says when Guddan will get to know that her husband is helping his first wife behind her back when she will not be able to digest it. Hence, the strong bond between AJ and Guddan will get broke.