Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd March 2020 Written Update: Guddan’s special function

Today’s episode starts with Guddan thanked Mrs jindal and other bahu’s for helping her. While Mrs jindal wants to know that if AJ knows about the turth then why he is not accepting  you. Guddan tells her, because he is in guilt and that’s why he is pretending like this , Laxmi asks her, then why don’t you tell him that you already forgiven him. Guddan says, this will  make him feel more guilty so we have to wait until he himself comes to me by me.

In morning Mrs jindal and other family members decorating Jindal Mansion for function. Akshat came, he asks what is going on here, can someone tell me why are you decorating my own house without telling me . Guddan tells him, they are preparing for my Rokka  function. Akshat gets shocked. Mrs jindal ask him what happened to you, why are you looking  sad. Akshat tell him i don’t have any problem and i am leaving for office so take care and bye. Guddan stopped AJ and asks him to meet her  fiance. Here her fiance came, she introduced him to AJ. While AJ already knows Kunal and don’t likes  him. He asks Guddan, in this whole world you got  this bastard for yourself. She says, AJ stop insulting my fiance like this and she went for her rokka function for some ritual.

After their rokka function gets end. AJ came and wish them luck. Guddanthinks why this man is so stubborn can’t  he stop me from getting married to someone else . Here, Aryan teases Saraswati when she is taking selfie . She starts running after Aryan to beat him. And she accidentally listen Mrs jindal and Kunal’s talking  when  they are talking about their fake marriage plan. She thinks she need to do something to make Mrs Jindal’splan fail,otherwise my hard work  for so many year will be ruined, if Guddan and AJ comes close to each others again.

Afterwards, at night Akasht come to his house. He saw,Guddan sitting on sofa and watching her rokka pictures with Kunal. He become jealous and asks her what are you doing here. Guddan starts showingher  romantic pictures with Kunal and asks AJ  to choose one photo for her as she  can’t choose from them.

AJ says, sorry i don’t  have time for all this drama so stop bothering me okay. And he went from there. Meanwhile Guddan doing some yoga for calm down herself as she is very angry because of AJ behaviour. (Episode end)