Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd November 2020 Written Update: Grooms get swapped in Mandap

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pandit ji asking to fill vermilion on bridegroom forehead and explaining importance of this ritual.Rashi is seen in store room and murmuring Choti Guddan name in unconscious state. Here Pushpa taunts Sona I don’t know what you have seen in this duffer girl and getting our marriage with our Mani.

Sona stop it Jiji, I will go near by daughter-in-law and perform ritual and come back. Durga lifts Guddan duppata from her head and Pandit ji ask groom fill the vermilion and tiles nuptial chain on Guddan neck and pandit ji announce marriage completed from now on you both are husband and wife. Pandit ji says to take blessings of God to Groom and BrideGroom , Sona says sure pandit ji.

Nita comes down and Niya’s mom makes her sit in mandap and Pushpa says Arushi to bring Groom (Agastya) , Arushi brings Groom and Pushpa asks Pandit ji another pair. Also came start the rituals. Pandit ji start chanting mantras. Guddan prays to God and I have full faith on you and DJ and tries to maintain this relationship for life long just like my mother, please bless me Lord Krishna. Sona praises the pair and asks to blessings from elders.

Guddan says one minute and takes blessings from her mother and father. Sona asks Mani to take photographs with Guddan. Mani says what Mom I have to getup from between rituals or what! All gets shocked by seeing Mani in Mandap. Guddan checks who is the Groom beside her and gets stunned by seeing Agastya as a Groom instead of Mani. Rashi comes and hugs Guddan and says Mom I am so happy that Lord Krishna full filled my wish.

Guddan asks Agastya how can you do this with me ? Agastya asks her try to listen him for once please let me explain. Guddan don’t listens to him and accuses Agastya and demands answers. Pushpa says stop it Guddan don’t blame by Son for what ever happened ! It might be plan of you and your family members to marry my son.

Aarav says don’t spell a word against my family I am not going to bear it and you don’t know what I will do if you say against my family or Guddan. Pushpa how can you put blame on Guddan when she is at mandap only and remaining three left the mandap .

Mani says someone as beat my head while coming from mandap and I was in storeroom when get conscious. Niya says someone locked my room door from outside and puts blame on Guddan . Jindals support Guddan but Guddan is missing from there and walking lonely on road, Agastya comes there to pacify her and asks Guddan to listen him once and try to explain my side and give him one last chance. Guddan says you are a cheater and I will not give a chance, you will get only punishment.

Guddan says you are no the same Agastya I knew you spoiled everything, everything is changed nothing is going to remain same from now on in my life. Agastya sees Guddan helplessly and observe someone going to hit Guddan by car and pushes her from there and gets hit by himself. Guddan terrified by seeing Agastya lying in pool of blood and shouts Agastya loudly.

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