Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th December 2020 Written Update: Pushpa claimed Choti Guddan is mentally challenged in front of Agastya

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Agastya thinking my mother has left no other option for me, she has to get punishment for this. Pushpa comes and snatches the phone from his hand. He says if I can trust you with all of my heart and mind then I have full right to punish you as well. Agastya says I am not ready to listen to any story by you at all.

Pushpa shows Agastya a video clip of the senior Guddan as Choti and says her mental state is not fine and she is unwell. Agastya is taken aback with the video clip and he is shocked that she is not well at all. She says in her mind that now I will use your mother’s activities against you as a weapon to defeat you and no one knows apart from you and me that your mother is alive.

Pushpa shows the same video to Saraswati, Niya and Sona and Niya says there is no ghost in this house and I always told all of you again and again that there is no ghost. Saru says I can never make any mistake with finding out and identify my mother-in-law senior Guddan. Sona says there is some problem for sure and that is something I am not able to understand.

Choti is looking for her mother in the entire house and she finds out the wigs and stuff that she used as Kaali. She gets more panicked after seeing those things and goes out to look for her mother everywhere in the house. Agastya gets under the spell of Pushpa and he breaks down thinking why Guddan is the one who suffers at the end.

Pushpa gets angry to think Agastya is still in love with Choti. Guddan says to Agastya she is looking for her mother but she is nowhere to be found. Agastya is shocked to see this and Pushpa says see she is thinking her mother who died 20 years ago is alive and she is trying to call her dead mother. Now you understand what I am trying to say about her.

Agastya gets determined and says I will not let anything happen to Guddan and my child. Pushpa thinks nothing will happen good with Guddan anymore as she messed up with a very wrong person. Pushpa and Niya are exchanging looks as their plan is successful and they have trapped her completely.

Agastya comes with one psychologist and two women helper and the doctor asks her exactly when you start to hallucinate your mother? Finally this strikes Choti and she realises things and asks Agastya who are these people and why they are asking me such horrible questions? She gets extremely angry and says she is my mother and what sort of a joke is this?

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