Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th March 2020 Written Update: Saraswati’s evil intentions towards Guddan

Today’s episode starts with AJ cook some food as he wants to divert his mind from Guddan, Here Saraswati came and kneel in front  of AJ, AJ asks her, what are you doing get up and tell me what going on.

Sarswati manipulations AJ by saying that Guddan is very happy with Kunal, and I think its good for her that now she move on. And went from there. While Durga saw her and asks her what was you talking with AJ. She says, I was  not talking to him I just went there for drinking water. Durga thinks she definitely wants to do something evil, I have to take a eye on her.

Here, Guddan and Kunal start some romantic  drama as they want to make AJ jealous. AJ also saw them from behind and feels kind of jealous from Kunal. AJ saw Guddan put ring on Kunal’s hand. AJ stop her and say you can’t do this. She asks him why, do you have a reason for this. He says, yes I have, come with me and I will tell you. Guddan says,okay, and she went  with him and asks him, now tell me.

AJ said to her you can’t marry Kunal as don’t deserve you he has a fake filmy kind of personality which doesn’t suits you. You deserve a  strong personality, who supports you in every situation. Guddan says, are you talking about yourself Mr. Jindal. On the other side. Sarswati give a lot of money to Kunaland asks him to marry Guddan in real.

Kunal said no to her as he can’t go against Guddan. Sarswatithreatens him that if you don’t help me I will leak your MMS. Kunal gets scared and agrees with her. Here Guddanbecome patient less as AJ have no fallen for her plan, at the same time Sarswati and Kunaltalk with each others  while Durga saw them and wants to know the reason behind their talking.

Meanwhile AJ dumps into Guddan, he asks her can’t you  walk nicely. She apologizes to him and asks him, see my  engagement decoration looks pretty right. AJ feels uncomfortable as she mentions her marriage all the time. He wants to leave from there.

Guddan tries to stop him while AJ hurt her eyes accidentally. He saw her care towards Guddan and asks her are you okay. She nods her head in yes meanwhile AJ realise that he have to make a distance with Guddanas he always  forgets everything when Guddan is around him.

On the other hands Durga asking from Kunal about Sarswati’s plan. Kunal want to tell her but suddenly Saraswati came and make him leave from there. After he leaves,Durga grab Sarswati’s hand and asks her to back off, and if he tries to hurt Guddan then I will never forgive you.

Sarswati tells her that I don’t have any interest in Guddan’s marriage so leave my hand. Durga leaves her but at the same time warns her to not to harm Guddan. Here, Guddan is ready for her engagement function and AJ is mesmerize by seeing her. (Episode end)