Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th November 2020 Written Update: Choti Guddan decided to Continue her Marriage with Agastya

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya hits by car and falls down in pool of blood. Guddan shouts Agastya and says nothing will happen to you I am here for you don’t worry please don’t close your eyes and asks for help. Guddan ties cloth around his head to control bleeding. Guddan not found anyone to help her some home she manage to take Agastya to hospital and admits Agastya in hospital . Doctors says Guddan to don’t worry we will do our best.

 Pushpa comes to hospital and gets angry by seeing Guddan and slaps her, you are the reason today my Son is this condition,In anger Pushpa raises her hand to slap Guddan again but Durga holds her hand and says I know what you’re feeling right now but you can’t blame Guddan for everything, remember Choti Guddan only brought Agastya to hospital on correct time.

Pushpa says if something happens with my Agastya I will not leave any one in Jindal family. Durg says due you think I will sit quite and watch whatever you do no a big no! Just like Agastya is your pride, Choti Guddan is our pride. I may not be Mom but I am more than that to Choti Guddan and I am not going to listen a single word against my Choti.

Saru Maa says might be Marriage happened by cheating but marriage is happened and this girl (Choti Guddan) brought Agastya in this Condition, she is an badowen. Aarav shouts at Saru Maa to stop. Nurse comes out from operation theater and says all of them to talk slowly.

Pushpa asks about Agastya to Nurse, she says we can’t say anything to you currently. Pushpa faints on hearing Nurse words before she falling down Guddan catches her on time and asks are you ok Pushpa ji. Pushpa when you are near how can I alright, you just go out from here and don’t ever come in front of my Son.

 Guddan  if you feel if I go from here Agastya will be fine then I will go from here sure, let’s go DJ. Rashi request her not to go, Pushpa scolds Rashi for stopping her and addressing Choti Guddan as Mom, don’t you know you are an orphan don’t forget that and get out from here along with Choti Guddan.

Doctor says Agastya is out of danger and till tomorrow he will keep in observation, after that you can see him. Choti Guddan remisciences all her memories with Agastya, some one comes to Jindal Bhavan and tries to drags Rashi from there. Choti Guddan listens to Rashi pleading and tries to help her and asks who sent you here? Pushpa says I send them here to send this girl back to orphanage.

Choti Guddan says she is not orphan, she have family here! Pushpa says we are not her family she is an orphan.  I told to Agastya not to bring this girl from orphanage but he not listened to me so first me send her to orphanage and after that I will see what I have to do with you(Guddan).

Those man tries to grab Rashi, Choti Guddan says Pushpa ji you like it or not I am Agastya wife and in absence of Agastya it’s my duty to protect my daughter. Pushpa says how dare you to against my decision! Arushi comes there and stops her (Pushpa) from doing wrong. Pushpa warns choti Guddan before going away.

Choti Guddan thinks till now I can’t able to understand Agastya and asks help from her parents to find who real Agastya?

The one who protected me from getting accident or the one who took my Restaurant by cheating or the one who adopted one orphan girl and giving her new life! Durga says you have to find your answers , Choti pack your Lagguage we are going far from here till Birlas

stay here and you are coming with us. Choti Guddan says I can’t come along with you till Agastya gets fine. Durga says what are you even saying Guddan they(Birlas) will never agree you as there Daughter In Law or this marriage.

Choti Guddan says I know DJ but please believe me, my inner consciousness saying everything will be alright. Durga says ok if you want to continue this relation ok but I can’t support you in this decision of yours, you have to fight alone to protect this relationship and face the obstacles lonely and you have to be strong and face all the hurdles but my blessings are always with you and I know you will win this fight to maintain this relationship ( Marriage with Agastya) and I am going from here, Choti Guddan hugs her and send off Durga and Aarav. 

Sona comes to Jindal Bhavan and sees arrangements for Karva chaut and asks Aarushi who did all this? Guddan says  I did all this and I have decided to continue my marriage with Agastya and start new phase of my life.

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