Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th October 2019 Written Update: Guddan slaps Revti for misbehaving with her!

Today’s episode starts with Saraswati telling to Revti that she knows about Antra’s big secret. Revti ask Saraswati not to fool her, as Antra’s no secret is hidden from her. Sarwasti thinks Revti will regret because now she will drop bomb in Guddan’s life. Here, Guddan recalls her moments with Revti and bakes a cake for her. AJ says to Guddan that Revti has already gone far to take revenge from her. Guddan says to AJ that but she will try to cheer her up. AJ says he will support her in her decision. AJ and Guddan make cake for Revti (Tere Ban Jaounga song plays in the background).

Revti sees Angad’s photo and at the same time Guddan brings cake for Revti. Revti gets angry and yells at Guddan. She further, destroyed the cake. Revti ask Guddan to leave else she will paint her face with the cake. Guddan says she can. Revti about to throw cake on Guddan’s face but Durga and Laxmi stops her. Durga and Laxmi say to Revti that till they are here she can’t harm Guddan. Revti gets angry and calls someone. She asks the person to meet her as soon as possible.

Ahead, Durga and Laxmi ask Guddan why she is trying to comfort Revti inspite of knowing she will not understand. Guddan tells to them that she will keep trying till she will succeed in making Revti realize her mistake. Here, Revti arranges funeral ceremony for officially breaking her relationship with Guddan. Guddan gets angry on Revtii and slaps her. Revti gets angry on Guddan. Perv comes to Revti and says Saraswati can help in her avenging Guddan. Revti says she is enough to handle Guddan. Perv insists Revti to talk with her sister once. Revti thinks no relation can come between to stop her from destroying Guddan. (Episode Ends)