Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th September 2020 Written Update: AKSHAT PRETENDS TO BE DEAD TO REACH CHOTI GUDDAN

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi and Durga getting happy seeing that Diljit is none other than Akshat. Durga shockingly recalls how Akshat as Diljit manipulated her.

Guddan holds Akshat’s hand and says that the one who she thought to be Diljit and chanted his name in love is actually her Akshat and this game was needed to reach their Choti. Ganga blames them for giving her such a big betrayal. Guddan says that you can take it as a betrayal or Guddan’s smartness or her stupidity but this is the consequence of doubting parents’ love.

Ganga is enraged. She breaks a vase of glass and holds Durga pointing a piece of glass at her. She threatens to take revenge of the betrayal she got by killing them one by one, starting with Durga. She is about to stab Durga with the piece of glass but Guddan grabs her wrist on time.

Guddan slaps her and says that the first slap was for using her daughter against her. She slaps her again for plotting against a six months old baby. She gives Ganga another slap for keeping Choti away from her and hungry. She slaps Ganga for the fourth time for the way she tried to hurt a little kid. Saraswati comes there too. Guddan says that she is disgusted by Ganga. She asks Akshat to call police and tell them that there is a more dangerous virus than coronavirus in their house.

Saraswati is about to leave scared but Durga and Lakshmi stop her and drag her inside. Durga says that she has been equal part of Ganga’s plans. Saraswati makes excuse that she stayed with Ganga just to keep an eye on her and get to know where Choti is. She asks Guddan if Choti has been found.

Guddan goes to Akshat and asks her where Choti is. Before Akshat can say anything, Avinash comes and says that he will tell. He says that he will show Choti on video projector just like Ganga likes. Guddan is impatient but Avinash says that fun is in waiting. The whole family is happy.

Avinash goes to Ganga and says that she has always taunted him but he has rectified his mistake. He shows Choti Guddan on projector. Everyone’s smile disappears seeing Choti in a basket which means that Avinash kidnapped her. Ganga smirks. Guddan breaks down on her knees and cries.

Akshat confronts Avinash who justifies his action saying that he loves Ganga and did everything for her. Akshat asks about the love between two brothers and if Choti is none to him. He grabs his collar and shouts what face he will show to their mother. Avinash pushes him and says that he is talking about mother but grabbing elder brother’s collar.

Akshat pushes him making him fall on floor saying that he has not doing anything to get respect of an elder brother. Avinash blames Guddan for not respecting his wife as well and that is why all this is happening. He says that he as Diljit made him realize that he can’t lose Ganga and now he will take revenge of each slap she received on Choti.

Akshat grabs Avinash’s neck and chokes him threating him to tell where Choti is otherwise he will kill him. Ganga tries to stop him. Avinash refuses to tell anything. Ganga grabs a gun and points it at Akshat. She pulls the trigger. A gunshot is heard. Askhat has been shot and he falls on floor. Everyone is shocked. Ganga and Avinash smirk.

Guddan rushes to Akshat followed by Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Guddan asks Akshat to get up as he cannot leave her, but he is unresponsive. Goons open their eyes and get up. Ganga says that all this happened as punishment of the betrayal they gave her. Avinash says that they shall hide the body before the news gets leaked. He praises Ganga and asks her to keep the gun for her safety. He leaves asking goons to bring Akshat’s body.

Goons are about to walk towards Akshat’s body but Guddan shouts at them making them back off. Ganga points gun at her but Guddan is not afraid and shouts at her too. Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati hold her because Ganga is keeping Guddan on gunpoint.

Goons take Akshat’s dead body out. Guddan cries and breaks down on her knees. Durga and Lakshmi cry too. Flashback starts. When Guddan was trying to wake Akshat up, he opened his eyes and whispered to her that he is still alive as the gun hit Krishna’s locket and stopped there. He asks her to continue this drama until they don’t find Choti. Flashback ends. Guddan says that she needs to do this drama until Akshat and Choti don’t return home.

Avinash and the two goons have dig in the ground to bury Akshat. Avinash laughs and says that Akshat is in grave and he has his fate in his hands. His goons cover the grave with sand on Avinash’s orders and then the three leave.

On the other hand, Guddan is tensed about Akshat. Ganga comes pointing gun at her from behind and asks if she wants to see her Choti since there is none other left in her life except her. She shows choti Guddan on screen projector. She says that none has taken care of Choti in so many months and given her shower so she thought to do it. She orders her men who are with Choti to open the water of the tap above the baby. They do so. Guddan, Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati are shocked.
Episode ends