Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th August 2020 Written Update: Lakshmi and Durga understand that Ganga is behind Choti’s disappearance

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guddan telling Akshat that she should go to take Choti who is alone since a lot of time. Guddan goes in the room and gets shocked to see that Choti is not there. She starts looking for her everywhere in the room. Guddan rushes to Lakshmi and Akshat.

On the other hand, Durga refuses to betray Guddan by giving Choti to the couple. Ganga tries convincing her saying that it isn’t a betrayal but good deed. Choti cries loudly. Ganga grabs the baby and hands her over to the woman.

Guddan freaks out because Lakshmi and Akshat looked for the baby everywhere too but didn’t find her.

Durga cries seeing Choti crying so much. Ganga asks her not to think so much and thinks that now she can bid adieu to Guddan’s baby. She pretends to cry and asks the couple to leave and never come back with the baby. The woman thanks her and then leave with her husband.

Guddan hears Choti’s cry and rushes outside calling out for her. Akshat follows her. At the same time, a newspaper covers Ganga’s face. Durga walks away. Guddan and Akshat reach her and tell her that Choti isn’t anywhere. They walk away before Durga can tell them what happened. Lakshmi comes to Durga and says that Choti got lost. Durga says that they won’t be able to find Choti Guddan ever. Akshat and Guddan overhear that and turn around asking what she means. Durga cries and confesses that she gave her to her real parents shocking everyone. Guddan shouts asking where Choti is and threatens to destroy everything. Akshat asks the same shouting. Durga cries and indicates the way towards which the couple went. Akshat and Guddan leave.

Lakshmi tell Durga that DNA report came and it’s on Guddan’s favour. Durga gets shocked and recalls Ganga giving her report. She regrets what she did. Ganga witnesses everything from a pillar and smirks thinking that Guddan won’t ever get her child.

Guddan and Askaht cover their faces respectively with dupatta and handkerchief since they forgot their mask and start asking people about Choti. Guddan sees a woman with baby and stops her but she is someone else. Akshat and Guddan apologize to the lady.

On the other hand, Ganga is sitting in her room with Choti in her arms. The couple is there too. She smirks saying that she knows Guddan and Akshat will search for Choti everywhere but not in their own house since they aren’t so smart. She is sure that Choti will never be found by Guddan.

Lakshmi and Durga come back home. Durga is very regretful. Lakshmi tries calming her down and just then they hear the cry of a baby. They knock at Ganga’s room door asking to open. Ganga ask couple to leave with baby from window. The couple go out but Choti grabs Ganga’s braid and doesn’t leave it. She even pees on Ganga’s saree. Lakshmi and Ganga break the door but the baby with couple has already left. Laskhmi and Durga start questioning Ganga about Choti’s whereabouts. Ganga says that she has handed the baby over to the couple herself. Lakshmi grabs her braid and pulls it saying that she got to know about her evil plans. Ganga pushes her away. Lakshmi notices that Ganga’s saree is wet and understands that Choti must have done it for sure. Lakshmi asks Ganga about Choti but she stays silent. Durga says that she shall call Guddan and the police.

Durga goes out of the room and Lakshmi is about to follow her but Ganga grabs her and breaks a vase threatening Durga that she will kill Lakshmi with piece of glass if she tries doing something. Just then Avinash comes and grabs Ganga’s hand snatching the piece of glass from her. He slaps Ganga hard and she falls down. He asks how low she can fall more and asks about Choti’s whereabouts but Ganga doesn’t open her mouth. Avinash says that she will stay inside the room until she won’t tell about Choti. Lakshmi, Durga and Avinash leave. Ganga screams loudly.

Meanwhile Akshat calls inspector and asks him to lock whole city but find Choti. However, Guddan says that they shouldn’t trust police in this situation but Akshat walks away attending call. Guddan bumps into a man who says that today his day is bad since first he met a couple with a crying baby and now her. Guddan understands that it’s that fraud couple and follows the indication that the man told her.

The couple is in a car counting money when driver applies sudden brakes because Guddan has come in front of it. The woman asks driver run over Guddan. The driver starts car and is about to hit Guddan but Akshat comes on time and saves her. He hits some drums so that they stop the way of the car and then he rushes to get the man out of car and starts beating him. The woman tries stopping him. Guddan checks the car but Choti isn’t there. Akshat asks the man where the baby is and threatens to kill him. He is enraged.

Episode ends