Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th December 2020 Written Update: Agastya gets under the misunderstanding again Choti is unwell

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Guddan is shocked when the doctor asked her about her hallucination about her mother. She gets angry with the doctor and lashes out at Agastya. She says I don’t need such help from you which makes things go against me. She says what kind of questions he is asking me?

Do you think I am making stories and I am imagining stuff here for no good reason. She says now I got it, these are coming from the mind of your mother only. She goes to Pushpa and says dont you feel ashamed of yourself, I am carrying the next generation of your family in my womb and that is how you are valuing my love and respect?

She is blaming her and the two women who came with the doctor come and take her to the upper side room and she looks at Agastya with complete disbelief. She asks help from him and he is about to ask the nurses not to take away Guddan like this but they don’t listen to him and his mother Pushpoa stops him. She says let them do their work and don’t interfere there as you have to be strong for your wife and unborn kid.

Please let them take away Guddan from here and treat her and Agastya feels sad and guilty that his wife is going through so much for no reason and he cries for his helplessness. Later on. Agastya is lighting up a candle in his room and sits besides Guddan and assures her that everything will be good soon for her and as soon as he leaves Choti opens her eyes and she recalls all the events that took place with her and she doesn’t believe what just happened to her in a blink of an eye.

She gets up and thinks where is my mother and why the hell these people think that I am mad and I am imagining stories on my own. She tries to call her mother once again but unfortunately no one picks it up and then she decides to message her and she gets a reply that meets me at the store room. She thinks everything is alright and she will inform everything to her mother.

 She comes inside the store room and to her shock she finds Pushpa and Niya there and she gets scared for her child once again and Pushpa tells her everything that how she is able to know about her game. She says with the help of Niya I installed CCTV cameras in this house and due to this I completely got to know about your game plan and still let you play so that when I play my game you get trapped in it completely and it happened.

Pushpa says for the audacity of yours to take me away from my son I snatched away your mother from you and Choti gets panicked. She noticed an axe there and grabs it before anyone can see and says I will not stop today if you people don’t tell me where is my mother while on the other side Agastya gets worried after not seeing her inside the room and he is looking for her in the entire house and finally finds her in the store room with an axe in hand attempting to hit his mother and Niya.

He again feels that she is doing this for her mental illness and he takes her away from there while Pushpa says wait for my next step where I will make you land directly at the mental hospital from the room of my son. Saraswati and Sona find the entire thing fishy and she thinks why all these are so confusing. Saraswati says no one knows my mother-in-law better than me and my eyes cannot deceive me in this case.

This choti Guddan is speaking truth but she has no proof to prove her point and Sona starts to think what she can do for her. Later Pushpa asks the doctors to take away Guddan with them in the mental hospital so that she can get better treatment. Agastya protested but Pushpa moulds him in her own way.

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