Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th March 2020 Written Update:  Guddan’s engement Party

Today’s episode starts with AJ saw Guddan in her engagement outfit, she looks so  beautiful. AJ came closer to her he hugs her and sharing some romantic moments. AJ tells her, it enough i can’t hold my emotions anymore, you are mine and no one can snatch you from me.

While Durga asks, AJ where are you lost, as he is  just imagines all of this in his dream. Durga ask him to make a way for Guddan as Kunal is waiting for her. Guddan asks what happened you don’t want me to let me go. AJ said, why will i stop you.

Durga says to Mrs. Jindal, this engagement is big shock for AJ. Meanwhile media came to Jindal house. Revati asks them who called  you here this is are private party. But reports want to make Kunal and Guddan engagement in their headline as  this is will make big story for are news. Afterwards everyone thinking that  now how can we do this fake engagement , and who told  this to the  reports.

While Kunal tells them now we have to get this engagement done, as reports are very stubborn they won’t leave. Guddan tells to Laxmi you  turn off the light at the right time when we will going to put ring each other hand, else i will handle.

There engagement party gets started, Guddan is waiting for AJ to stop her but then suddenly her ring slips from her hand and falls in front of AJ. AJ pick up the ring and want to tell his feelings towards Guddan but Saraswati came and stop him . She asks him  to give her the ring

.AJ says, Sarubahu  i will do  what i want to do so give me a way. And he give Guddan her ring and wishing her happiness for her engagement. There reports asking her to exchange the rings. Guddan give sign  to Laxmi  so she can trun off the light but before she turns off the light Saraswati came there and stop her. Because of this Guddan and Kunal’s engagement happens and reports took their photos.

Later Guddan asked Kunal why do you wear a ring in your hand, you know that we are pretending.  AJ on the other hand wants to tell Guddan everything, when he goes to Guddan’s room, he listens Guddan and the others talking , and learns that Gudden is just pretending in front of him all the time.  He feels happy for it (episode end)