Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th November 2020 Written Update: Guddan ready to give chance to her marriage

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sona asking Arushi who arranged all this for karva chauth? Guddan says it’s me! Sona says ok I can understand you arranged all this for karva chauth but why you dressed  like an  married women?

 Guddan says my marriage happened with Agastya and I want to give one chance to this relationship, so I dressed like this and what is more auspicious day than karva chauth for married women, so I arranged all this and kept fasting for Agastya also. Sona shocks by hearing Guddan. Rashi feels happy and welcomes Guddan to family.

Guddan invites some married women to Jindal Bhavan and perform pooja! Guddan remiscience memories of Agastya. Guddan says I just want to become like my Mother and maintain this relation strong like Mom and Dad.

Guddan prays God to cure Agastya soon and bless me to strong to maintain my marriage with Agastya, At the same time Pushpa calls Arushi and informs now Agastya is perfectly fine. Arushi runs to Guddan happily and informs Agastya is perfectly fine now. Guddan elite by news.

Guddan and Rashi makes preparations for welcoming Agastya ( flower Rangoli and light Diya). Pushpa comes there and spoil Rangoli, Guddan asks what you have done Pushpa ji spoiling Rangoli is not good sign. Pushpa says now you will teach me what is right and what is wrong? Guddan says I am just saying what is right only.

Pushpa says you became so brave! Let me teach you a lesson and raises hand to slap Guddan but Guddan stops Pushpa hand in middle, all gets shocked by seeing this reaction of Guddan. Guddan says before I am normal girl and meak who can’t answer properly but now I am married to Agastya and your Daughter In Law you can’t raise hand like this on me Mom! Agastya says Guddan is saying correct Mom.

Agastya says Guddan is wife now, Guddan perfoms Aarti to Agastya and welcomes him! Pushpa don’t like all this and  says atlast you will do what you have want !  Guddan saysI  don’t want anything Pushpa ji I am just full filling wife duties and this house belongs to me because after marriage husband’s house is wife house. Pushpa says Agastya now you will say something or stay silent on back of your wife. Agastya says who can open there mouth in front of wife! Dad used to be silent in front of you right Mom.

 Guddan says you all want to know why I am accepting this marriage and give it a chance because if I am standing here alive in fornt all of you it’s because of Agastya only. So I decided to give this marriage a chance whom I married is not bad; who gave life to one orphan girl and who can risk his own life to protect someone’s life and till Agastya becomes perfectly fine I am not going anywhere by leaving this house.

 Guddan brings Agastya to room and asks him to take rest ( Romantic song plays in background). Guddan says if you need something please call me. Arushi brings Agastya belongings and welcomes Guddan to the family. Guddan arranges all Agastya belongings and asks him to change his dress to perform remaining rituals. Guddan comesback to room to take phone, while Agastya changing his dress and feels embarrassed by seeing Agastya in shirtless and slips by mistake and falls on Agastya ( Romantic song plays in background). Agastya thinks you accepted the marriage but I have to reason behind it.

Guddan feels some one presence in the house and feels tense. Saru comes there and asks her to get ready for remaining rituals and advices her not to commit any mistakes anymore from now on.

Guddan thinks some one there other than Saru Maa and I can feel there presence but who could it be! Sona comes to Guddan and asks her to clean the house and after that prepare food for whole family. Guddan says ok will do it I don’t have any problem in performing all this.

Pushpa says how dare you Sona to say all this work to my Daughter In Law and slaps Sona. Guddan and Sona gets shocked by seeing this reaction from Pushpa. Guddan thinks all of a sudden what happened to Pushpa ji why she is supporting me? Pushpa thinks nothing happened to me actual drama starts now and you will Fulfill my dream for which me created all this drama to perform your marriage with Agastya.

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