Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th December 2019 written update: Vikrant challenges Guddan regarding Alisha’s life

Episode begins with Akshat is getting angry on Alisha for raising her hand on Guddan. He says that by slapping you today Alisha has crossed the basic decency of a mother daughter relationship. She needs to get punishment and you shouldn’t stop me. One thing is not going well with me that a person like you who always stood by the right thing is supporting Alisha in her every action and stopping me from reacting on her. Guddan is trying to manage Akshat but he is too angry to cool down at that moment. Vikrant is watching the whole drama from a distance and having a smirk on his face to see his plan is working. Guddan noticed Vikrant and she says that she has some reasons to support her daughter and asks Akshat to calm down. Akshat gets angry and he goes upstairs in his room while Guddan feels bad for him and things he must we very much hurt today.

Guddan comes to her room when she noticed that Akshat is waiting for her with an ice pack. She asks him what he is going to do with this ice bag? Akshat asks her to sit down with him and gently pressing the bag in the swollen area of her cheeks. He says your cheeks have become red, it is evident that you are hurt. Akshat says we are together for more than one year now and in this time line one thing I got to understand about you that you never ever stand by something wrong, then why are you supporting Alisha today in her every wrong deeds are beyond me. Guddan says whatever I am doing these days is not being Guddan but being a mother. She says let me handle it in my own way.

Akshat understands and says if you want to keep its a secret from me then no worries I will find out the reason behind your behaviour myself but as of now as a father and as a husband my duties want me to make Alisha learn a lesson for doing the wrong. Before Guddan can say him anything he left the room and goes to straight away to Alisha. Akshat asks Alisha to give back the bangles of Guddan to him. Alisha remembers the words of Vikrant and she refused to give it and says this are gifted by Guddan hustle and I am not going to return it at any cost. Alisha escaped from her room and hides behind Guddan in the hall. Guddan asks Akshat not to force Alisha to give back the bangles and says I give it to her with so much love and affection. Akshat says I am seriously not understanding the equation of both of you but whatever it is I will find it out. Revti and Parv got a clue about Vikrant being the main culprit.

Guddan arranges for house peace verenation ceremony. Vikrant comes to her and says are you so scared of me that you have started to pray from God? Remember if you even try to act over smart in front of me then you have to bear the consequences of it. guddan says I am not a dull brain and I understand one thing at first instant only so you don’t need to make me remember the same thing in front of me. Akshat comes back home and save if you want you can do this even to guddan but I hope and expect you to not force me for joining the event. Guddan is about to call Vikrant and Anjali together to sit as a couple in the puja.

Guddan says to Vikrant that I am sure post this ceremony the situation of this house will change for betterment and also the relationships of this house will grow further.