Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th January 2020 Written Update: Akshat gives Guddan a beautiful and romantic surprise

Episode begins with Guddan is watching a nightmare that Antara comes inside her room and takes away her kid and even if she wants she is not able to go near her and not able to do so. Guddan asks to leave her kid and what wrong that small kid did to her? Antara says I promised you to take away all your good things, happiness, family and everything away and in return she will give Guddan only worries, crying, pains and sufferings.

Guddan gets up from sleep with a scream and says to AJ that she saw Antara takes away her kid away from her and she is not able to do anything. AJ asks her to calm down and says so much tension is not good for your health. He says I am going to take water from the kitchen though Guddan asks him not to go away from there. She calls the police station to take update about Antara but AJ takes away the phone suddenly from her hand and talks over the phone as if he is getting updates from the police station. He says to Guddan that the police station people said Antara is there and kept within the secrets. Guddan sleeps after that and AJ hugs her with so much love.

In the morning, AJ is going outside when he gets to hear that Durga and Laxmi are talking about Antara. Durga is saying everything and everyone can change but not Antara and we need to be so cautious and careful. Aj asks all in the house to be happy and cheerful about the upcoming happiness in the house instead of worrying about Antara and what else she is going to do. She says Guddan also takes a lot of stress all the time in the house and I don’t know how badly it can affect the health of our unborn child. Saraswati is planning to go for shopping when Antara calls her and asks her to do what she says. She says I am going to be with you in everything and I will do whatever you are asking for.

Guddan gets a gift box in the bedroom and there she gets a talking tom and she gets so happy and cheerful to see that toy is speaking and repeating everything she is saying. She gets a dress from AJ as well and there he asks her to get ready and comes at the pool side. She takes out the red dress and comes at the pool side which is decorated beautifully and both of them spend some nice moments with each other.
Both of them shares their talks and says that we will always be together and will share all the problems of life like this hand in hand. AJ and Guddan danced together and then he brings a cake for him and both of them also cuts the cake together and then they again take circles around the fire regarding their kid.

Guddan says I will tell our child to respect you always not out of fear but out of happiness, They both completes the circle around the fire and both of them hugged each other and AJ asks her not to take any further tension and she will always be happy. Guddan says I will tell my kids about this day and will share how his father made this day so special. AJ says I will make all the upcoming days special and beautiful but promise me you will not take any kind of stress. AJ left for his restaurant and gives Guddan a flying kiss and Guddan is smiling to see the soft toys and other things.