Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th March 2020 Written Update: AJ spoils Guddan’s plan

Today’s episode begins with AJ coming to Guddan and giving her an engagement ring. Gudden asked him where did you find it, I had accidentally left it.

AJ says, you need to take care of the stuff and this ring is very important to you, By the way, your fiance has given you such a beautiful ring and he asks her to put the ring on her finger otherwise it will be lost again .

Guddan asks her, you don’t mind, I’m going to marry someone else. AJ tells him why I should feel bad, I am so happy for you. Gudden becomes angry at him because he does not care about her marriage, she tells him to get lost.

AJ leaves from there but suddenly he comes back and says to Guddan, I wish you all the best for your wedding and he gets away from there as he wants to tease Guddan because he already knows about Guddan’s plan.

On the other hand, Kunal tells Saraswati that I do not want to marry Guddan, it was fine till the engagement but now you want me to marry Guddan. You know that her husband AJ will kill me if I marry her. Saraswati says, and if you don’t marry her tomorrow, I will tarnish your life, so do as I say.

Later in the morning AJ decorated Gudden’s wedding pavilion and after a while Gudden came and asked him what were you doing? He said, Nothing, I am just preparing your pavilion, I have also ordered your favorite flowers for decorating your wedding function. You too go today is your wedding, go and get ready for it.

There Guddan is thinking about AJ’s strange behavior meanwhile Mrs. Jindal and Lakshmi came. They ask her what are you thinking? Gudden tells them that AJ is very excited for my wedding. I think I plan is meaningless. Mrs. Jindal asks her to believe in Lord Krishna, they will surely help her.

ButGuddan says, I don’t think so, but will see, later everyone is ready for marriage while Guddan is waiting for AJ. Meanwhile AJ arrives and wishes Gudden and Kunal happiness and leaves from there.

Guddan gets angry and wants to stop this fake marriage but Kunal forces her to marry as Saraswati is threatening him (episode end)