Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th January 2021 Written Update: Choti Guddan decides to leave the house.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nia saying Pushpa has drunk poison. They call the doctor. They sprinkle water on Pushpa’s face. Choti says Pushpa has to vomit otherwise the poison will spread in whole body. Pushpa starts vomiting.

Doctor checks Pushpa and Agastya feels sad seeing Pushpa’s condition. He goes outside and starts crying. Choti tries to talk to him and Agastya says I can’t lose my mother. He says I know she has done wrong things to you. Its not that easy to forgive her. But Pushpa is his mother. She has always protected me. I can’t live without her. Choti consoles Agastya and says nothing will happen to Pushpa. Doctor comes and says Pushpa is out of danger now. Agastya gets happy and says thank you to the doctor. Doctor tells Agastya to thank Choti because her presence of mind only saved Pushpa otherwise it was not possible.

Badi guddan tells Arav that Pushpa is again playing with Agastya’s feelings. She can do anything to win. She knew that Pushpa is planning something. Choti stops Badi Guddan and tells Arav to leave. She says that Pushpa’s condition is not well. She is suffering. Badi Guddan says you are emotional right now. Choti says so what’s wrong if I am emotional. Badi says Pushpa wants to gain sympathy from Agastya. She doesn’t want to get punished. That’s why she drank poison when it was the time of confession. She is faking everything. Choti says Pushpa was about to die and you are saying such kind of things. She says I saw the fear of loosing his mother in Agastya’s eyes. She doesn’t want to see that again. Agastya and his family will not listen to Badi Guddan from now. Each and every promise Agastya made to Badi Guddan he will not fulfill them. Agasthya even left his family. Badi Guddan that’s what Pushpa wanted, that we two start fighting. Choti says she doesn’t want to hear anything. She decides to leave the house with her in laws. She says now I will protect my family. Pushpa is important for Agastya. Choti says she will end the punishment drama.

Badi Guddan comes to Pushpa’s room and asks how are you feeling after succeeding in your plan. Pushpa wakes up from bed and starts smiling. She says your foolish daugher couldn’t understand my plan but you are so clever like always. Pushpa tells her motive and says its not so easy to defeat me. I will never get punished and if I was dead then too I won. Now Agastya will take care of me and will forget everything about the punishment. Now I will show Choti Guddan her real place. I will make her life hell. She has no idea of it. Badi Guddan gets shocked hearing them. Agastya also hears all those things that Pushpa said. He gets shocked.

Agastya enters his room and he is so upset and remembers everything her mother did and he couldnt believe his mother again cheated on him.He feels broken and sits on ground. He throws the pillow. He shouts helplessly.

Episode ends.

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