Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th October 2019 Written Update: Antra and AJ’s daughter ‘Alisha’ enters the house to trouble Guddan!

Today’s episode starts with Guddan trying to fetch AJ’s attention but AJ deliberately ignores her. Guddan thinks AJ is not seeing her and about to go but AJ pulls Guddan romantically and tells her that he is liking what all she is doing to gain his attention. The duo talks with each other. Guddan talks about Revti and AJ ask her not to trust Revti, as he believes she is not changed for good. Guddan says but she will give her one chance. Others side, Sarswati welcomes Alisha and Alisha gets ready to destroy Jindal’s.

Pooja starts at Jindal mansion. Guddan’s father gets happy seeing Akshat. Revti comes and signals Perv. Durga sees them and thinks to tell Guddan about the same but AJ’s mother ask her not to go anywhere, as pooja is going to begin. Revti thinks Guddan’s life will turn upside down with her surprise and smiles wickedly. AJ and Guddan perform the pooja rituals successfully.

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गुड्डन तुमसे ना हो पायेगा 7 अक्टूबर 2019 लिखित अपडेट: अंतरा और एजे की बेटी ‘अलीशा’ गुड्डन को परेशान करने के लिए घर में घुसती है!

Light goes off and someone enters the house. Guddan, AJ and everyone stands shocked. Alisha performs the dance on (O Gujjaria) song. Revti and Perv get happy seeing her. Guddan shouts and ask to stop the music. She asks the dancers to go back. Alisha unveils herself. No one from Jindal family recognize her. Guddan ask her to leave the house. Sarswati comes from behind and AJ ask what she is doing here. Saraswati tells to Akshat that she is here to make them meet the lost member of the house. Alisha introduces herself as Alisha Antra Jindal. Gudaan, AJ, Durga, Laxmi and others stands shocked.

AJ denies and says Antra and he don’t have any daughter together. He further, asks Saraswati to tell the truth what she is plotting again. Saraswati tells to everyone that before Antra met with an accident she was pregnant and gave birth to Alisha because she knew that AJ will not accept her. She gives papers to AJ and asks him to check. AJ sees Alisha’s birth certificate and other documents. Perv and Revti smiles. AJ and Guddan stands shocked. (Episode Ends)