Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 8th January 2020 Written Update: Guddan and AJ gets into an argument with each other, Antara rejoices

Episode begins with Guddan is saying to AJ this knot in the thread proves that this proves that someday and somewhere it got broken and it will never be like before. Our relationship has become like this and it will never be the same how it supposed to be. AJ tries to make her understand that whatever she is thinking is not true and reality is much more different than what she is thinking.

Guddan says no matter how much we try our bonding will never be like before. AJ says just sometimes ago we took promises for our upcoming child and decided to give him/her a beautiful future. Guddan says and within moments we broke all those promises and oaths like that. AJ gets hurt with her words and asks her what she is trying to say exactly? Guddan says you are not that innocent the much you are pretending. Still if you don’t get it then I am telling you things in details.

Antara and Saraswati are celebrating their victory and Antara says you did a good job by exchanging their phone covers and after that whatever happened, we all can see that. Antara says a woman can tolerate anything from her in-laws but can never take the frauds of her husband. She says the relationship of Guddan and AJ developed a crack for life which they will never be able to heal at all.

Guddan brings AJ iu the poolside and shows him the scattered stuff. She says can you see the state of these things? It is also got messed up like your love, promises and fake claims. She says this is the proof of our relationship is not being the perfect one. Everything is ruined now and you are responsible for this to us and our marriage. AJ says to Guddan this is not the truth, I didn’t betrayed you at all and you have to believe me in this matter. Whatever I did is because of you and our upcoming child.

Guddan says if you are really worried about our kid then why did you made a plan with Antara and told me lies. You are supposed to punish Antara, send her to jail but what you did is lying to me and made a fool out of me with her. Aj says I promised you to give our child a positive life, to keep you tension free and happy and I completed all my promises. Guddan asks what about giving Alisha justice and punish her culprit Antara?

Aj says we can’t put Antara in jail because she is innocent and she did nothing wrong. Guddan gets shocked and asked so you believe Antara more than me? AJ says that is not my point at all but how can a mother kill her own biological daughter? I agree she is an evil person outright but killing her own daughter? Guddan says she did kill Alisha and the proofs you are talking about can be morphed and created as well as per the application of it. Truth can not be suppressed for long and she herself confessed to me that she killed Alisha.

AJ tries to make Guddan understands that Antara is not damaging for us. Guddan says I can not rely on you anymore if you are believing Antara now. She says I will take all the decisions alone for my upcoming kid. Our kid will be away from you and Antara’s shadow. She lights up the fire again and takes circles around the fire says matters regarding me and my child will never be your matter. She says I will never let my kid be like you, I will teach him/her how to keep relationships and trust in a bonding. She says we will be in front of you but will be far away from you. AJ asks what are you talking about?

AJ tries to explain himself in front of Guddan but she is not ready to listen to him. Guddan says you did betray me in a state when if I have option then I will never want to become a mother. Guddan comes in her room and she is crying thinking about the whole drama that took place in the house.

Antara comes to meet Guddan and she taunts her and says I want to meet your kid. Guddan tries to slap Antara and says whatever I say and I do that. Whatever I promised to you, I do what I want to do and you will not be able to do anything. Guddan cries to think why did AJ do this to her?