Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 8th September 2020 Written Update: Guddan and Akshat hide from Ganga

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 8th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guddan saying that she has come. Akshat looks at her emotionally. Guddan smiles at him and then pulls the rope with which she has tied Ganga’s wrists. She points a gun at Avinash asking to send Akshat and Choti towards her and she will free Ganga and, if they show any smartness, she will shoot.

Avinash says that he heard Guddan cannot kill. Guddan replies that she can give and take anyone’s life for her husband and daughter.

Akshat tells Choti that their hero number one is there. Choti smiles. Guddan asks Akshat to come. Akshat picks Choti in his arms and walks towards Guddan while Ganga walks towards Avinash. Guddan keeps the gun pointed towards her.

Akshat stumbles and falls into Guddan’s arms. Guddan cries seeing him and Choti. Akshat says that she saved them like always and he fulfilled his promise to bring back Choti. She says that they are together again.

Ganga is enraged looking at them. She picks a gun and points it at Guddan shouting her name. Guddan points the gun towards her too and warns her not to take any wrong step.

There is a huge thing above Avinash and Ganga and Guddan threatens to shoot at it making it fall on them. She says that she can also give them pain and warns to put the gun down. Ganga has no other choice.

 Akshat and Guddan leave with Choti. Ganga orders the goons to get up and chase them as she will put an end to all this today.

Guddan, Akshat and Choti get inside an abandoned shed. Akshat says that they shall stay there for a while. Guddan notices his wound and insists to go to hospital but Akshat refuses because there is danger outside. Guddan calls him stubborn but, before they can star arguing, Choti makes some gibberish noise.

Guddan makes Akshat sit and ties a cloth around her waist. Choti is in his arms. Guddan sits in front of him and says that she knows he promised not to let anything happen to Choti but it shouldn’t mean that he should harm himself.

Akshat says that she didn’t take care of herself too for their Choti and put all herself to overcome every obstacle. Guddan says that she knew how to fight with difficulties since before too and now she is a mother.

Akshat hisses for pain. Guddan feels bad for him understanding he is in pain. She tells Choti that they will soon return to their house and till then this is their home: she will stay together safe there. They hug.

On the other hand, Durga and Avinash wonder where Guddan and Akshat have come with baby. They are sure they cannot go far since Akshat is wounded. They order their goons to search for them and start looking for them too.

Guddan lights up a lamp saying that they have lived enough in darkness now there will be light in their life. She asks Akshat if he needs something. Akshat says that he is going outside to get something to eat since she and Choti must be hungry.

Guddan says that she will cook something. Akshat laughs and looks at Choti who is chuckling too. Akshat says that even she knows that if she starts cooking then earthquake will come.

Guddan says that whatever she cooks, will be less in front of him. She says that Choti shall become a chef too like her father and then she will eat what her daughter makes.

Akshat laughs and says that he shall go to get something to eat. He asks Guddan not to gossip about him with the baby. Guddan laughs and asks him to come soon. Choti starts crying.

Guddan says that she must be hungry. Akshat leaves to get something to eat. Choti cries loudly. Guddan tries to calm her down. Akshat finds some food outside the shed and says that Choti will eat food made by him for the first time.

Ganga and Avinash search for Guddan and Akshat everywhere and are frustrated because they are nowhere to be found. They see the shed and Ganga is sure that Guddan is hiding there. They go inside with their goons and start looking around.

Guddan, Choti and Akshat are hiding behind a wall. Akshat is holding a gun. Ganga touches the lamp and understands that Guddan must have been there since it’s still warm. They go outside.

Guddan is worried but Akshat promises her not to let anything happen to her and Choti. Guddan hugs him sideways.

Meanwhile, Durga, Saraswati and Lakshmi file complain at police station. The police officer is a big fan of Guddan and says that he won’t let anything happen to her. He asks them details getting touched seeing the three daughters-in-law begging for their mother-in-law for the first time.

On the other hand, Akshat is nervous because Choti is going to try the food he made for the first time. Guddan pulls his leg and praises Choti for making such a rude and strong person so emotional and nervous.

Akshat makes Choti eat dal chawal with spoon. Guddan says that seems like she liked it a lot. Akshat says that he dreamed to make a lot of things for his daughter but she has to eat boiled dal chawal.

Guddan says that she cannot even boil water and assures that Choti is understanding the whole situation. Akshat feeds Guddan too. She says that they will soon go back home and eat special meals.

Episode ends