Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th December 2019 Written Update: Vikrant captured Jindal house and the entire property

Episode begins with Akshat is in his room and he is so frustrated and angry with himself for not seeing through the innocent face of his friend Vikrant. He bangs on the mirror in anger when Guddan entered their room. She rushes to him to check his hand and saw that its bleeding. She asks him to calm down as showing anger won’t result in anything. Guddan says to AJ you know what is your problem? You don’t take time to show your believe in someone and you don’t even think before showing your anger as well. AJ says Vikrant, being my friend stays in my house and keeps on torturing my own daughter and none of us had any clue regarding it. Guddan says he utilised your Innocence and immense trust on him and your friendship and that is why you are not able to see his real face but for that you can’t harm yourself like this. She does the first end of the wound on AJ’s hand. Guddan says you are like a pillar to this house and all of us look up to you in any situation, AJ stands up and says the pillar is so strong because the base of this pillar is gripping and deep and the base is you Guddan. Alisha confronts Revati, Praveen and his elder sister for continuously feeding her lies and try to use her against her own family. Revati says whatever we did is because of your mother Antara, she is the root cause of all this mess. Alisha comes to AJ and hugs him tightly. She asks forgiveness from him and guddan for thinking wrong about them and also so to trouble the family members and get influenced negatively against her own family.

AJ and Guddan I showed her that she is safe now and they are always being there with her. Guddan says whatever happened is not because of you but because people around you utilise your lack of knowledge to fulfill their own agendas. AJ says I am not angry with you anymore because you don’t have anything to do in whatever happened in the house. You yourself a victim of wrongdoings of Vikrant and now he will never be able to trouble you. Alisha asks Guddan if she can address her as “Guddan Maa” from now on? Guddan says if you call me as a mother then you have to address AJ as your father. Alisha says I won’t call him ‘papa’, I will call him AJ as that sounds so cool to me. AJ happily agrees to her words and says to call me in whatever name you want. Guddan takes off her nuptial chain and also wash off her vermillion from the hair partition in a way to end her marriage with Vikrant.

In the morning AJ, Guddan, Alisha and her grandmother are having breakfast at the table. AJ says to Alisha that Guddan is generally capable of doing anything except cooking. She is still not capable enough to cook properly hence adjust with the food she made for you. Alisha says that the paratha is really delicious and Guddan says to AJ if she likes it then I am satisfied. Vikrant comes in the house at that moment it and says even after taking off the marital signs Alisha will still remain my wife. He says that he has right on Alisha as she is his wife and he is your to claim both off his rights. AJ says to him don’t talk rubbish in front of me when Vikrant displays some legal papers in front of him which has his signature. He says along with the portion of Alisha The other portion and the inter house and your property are mine now. AJ decides to leave the house with his family but at the time of living Vikrant says that they can’t take away Alisha with them because she is his legally married wife and she has to stay with him in this house.