Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th March 2020 Written Update: AJ save Guddan from Kunal

Today’s episode begins with Kunal forces  Gudden to marry him, while everyone is begging for his mercy but Kunal does not want to listen to them,  Guddan puts sand in his eyes and runs from there  , Saraswati’s people also runs behinds her, but Durga and Lakshmi hits  them  with wood and help Guddan escape from there.

Guddan goes into her room and starts  searching for her phone so that  she could inform Mr. Jindal about it.She calls AJ but cannot reach him as  the goons injured Mr. Jindal , she starts to panic, meanwhile they goons come and take Guddan to the pavilion, Gudden is screaming for help, she asks Kunal that  Why are you doing this I am your friend, Kunal says, you are my friend that’s why I am handling you gently .  So now shut your mouth and marry me.Gudden thinks that if  she  calls AJ from her heart, AJ will come to save her.

Later Kunal is putting vermilion on Guddan’s head, but AJ comes and stops him, while Kunal orders his goons to take over AJ, but AJ knocks them one by one here.  Kunal Holds a gun to the Guddan’shead and threatens that if we don’t get married  today then I will kill everyone.

AJ  looks into Guddan’s eyes and give her  signal  to go with him, but the moment Kunal is about to put a vermilion in Gudden’s head, AJ throws something at Kunal and he falls from the pavilion, AJ beats him and says, how dare you to threat enmy wife to marry you Guddan is only mine do you understand, now tell me  who tells you to do this, tell me, as I know you don’t have the brains to plan to  all of this , I’m sure someone  help you from your behind.

Before Kunal tells AJ about Saraswati, the police come to catch Kunal as it is another plan for Saraswati to call the fake police so that Kunal cannot open his  mouth in front of AJ. While AJ  Asks police to be here, as I want to get some answers from Kunal.

But the police ask him to come to the police station. Gudden and AJ later clear up their misconceptions.  AJ apologizes to Gudden for his behavior and asks her  to return to his life.  Guddan also forgives him because she loves him very much and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.