Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Meet your soulmate Like Guddan-AJ

Zee TV is one of the most popular and successfully running shows, ” Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega” couple Guddan and AJ are very much famous among the TRP audiences and as well as online fans too. The couple is also known as “Akshan” among the fans and no doubt they surely made for a cute pairing together onscreen. Kanika Mann and Nishant Singh Malkani shared a beautiful chemistry on-screen with each other and these two co-actors are quite good friends offscreen as well.

However, currently due to the COVID-19 situation in the entire world especially in Mumbai, Maharashtra. All the shooting of our favorite shows is stopped abruptly. Hence we are not able to watch any of the shows currently and not even the story of AJ and Guddan onscreen. Like every other show, even this show on Zee TV also witnessed a leap in the storyline when Guddan and AJ got separated from each other due to a misunderstanding.

The show went for a 4 years leap and AJ got married to Antara while Guddan left Jindal’s house to save her self respect and dignity after the insult by AJ. However, after 4 years, Guddan emerged as a famous actress and she got all the names and fame for herself. AJ, on the other hand, has completely gone on the path of destruction and becomes an alcoholic.

However, those who are made for each other, destiny finds a way to make them meet at any cost. Currently, Guddan and AJ are trying to find love once again between them and we are eagerly waiting to see exactly in which direction the story of the show will go once the situation around the world becomes normal and safe enough for the cast and crew to resume shooting.

Meanwhile, till the time the show comes up with a fresh set of new episodes to take the story further. Let us dig into the past and reminisces those memories where these two lovers for life meet with each other for the first time. Yes, we are talking about the first time AJ meets Guddan and the meeting didn’t go well for both of them. Yes, the birthday party of AJ where his family members are trying to find a new girl for him so that he can get married and settle down in life.

However, he was too engrossed in the grief of his first wife Antara that he ended up presenting himself as a rude and heartless man. Not only that, he even insulted the mother of Guddan, Koushalya thinking her as one of the contenders from his alliances. Guddan who is not ready to take any insult from her family members especially her mother gets angry with his way of talking and smashed the cake on his face. Well giving a birthday boy cake facial is quite trendy these days but things are not the same when it comes to AJ.

However, in this process, Guddan did complete the first step of becoming his better half by walking on those pieces of glass. Well, there is a word that all well that ends well, hence the meeting did turn out as a boon for both and AJ and Guddan find out there ever after in themselves. Isn’t the story of their becoming soulmate from a stranger is cute and different? For more updates about your favorite shows and actors like this, stay tuned with us.